To Tweet or Not To Tweet, Social Media: A Blessing And A Curse

It’s a blessing, and a curse.  At least that’s what Mr. Monk says about his condition — maybe it’s true about ours.  Maybe social media is a blessing, and a curse?  If you’re in business today, internet marketing is a requirement and social media plays a role in that.

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It Costs You Time

It takes effort to learn how Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Pinterest works. And it takes effort to consistently engage. But does social media carry a big enough blessing to warrant the time-cost and the learning curve?

In “The Explosion of Social Media: Blessing or Curse?” John Mariotti, CEO of The Enterprise Group, points out several concerns with social media including the idea that “nothing will ever be truly “private” again once posted on these hugely popular social media sites.”

But for businesses who came to share images, stories and information that relate to our clients and the relevant product or service that we provide — social media should be a different story. Social media isn’t the place to argue with your family, curse your employees or boss, or complain about all the other people and clients that you work with.

The business owner comes to play — you need to have a little fun with it or you won’t come back with a purpose. If the focus for using social media engagement is clear and the strategy is strong, then the outcome could be productive.

Ivana Taylor. Founder of DIYMarketing and contributor here at Small Business Trends, says:

“Social media marketing emphasizes personal voices inside brands.”

People want to meet a real person, but what do they need to know about you and your brand?  If you decide to tweet, and that social media is more of a blessing than a curse, here are two resources by Ivana to help you get clear about the type of conversation you should be having on these sites:

If You Don’t Get Social Media, Here’s What To Do About It

Ivana provides a simple strategy to social media explaining that you should “think of social media applications as rooms at an event….Walking into any social media space is like walking into a bar.” Some conversations you overhear, some you become a part of and other later you join other groups. If need a little help focusing your voice on social media, the tips in this article can help.

How to Use Pinterest in Your Small Business

Why does Pinterest matter? In reference to a study by Hitwise Ivana says it’s the 17 million+ visits a week and the  72 minutes the average user spends on the site. To help you make the most of Pinterest she gives you a breakdown of what Pinterest is and creative uses for your business as well as what not to do. Ivana also answers the question of which comes first – Twitter and Facebook or Pinterest?

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Jamillah Warner Jamillah Warner (Ms.J), a poet with a passion for business, is a Georgia-based writer and speaker and the Marketing Coordinator at Nobuko Solutions. She also provides marketing and communication quick tips in her getCLEAR! MicroNewsletter.

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  1. Great article Jamillah,
    you must compare pros and cons of tweeting 🙂
    BR, Chris

  2. Well I think it does not take as much time to learn the use of social media sites as some people think. Almost everything that is new need efforts & time to learn

  3. To tweet 🙂 Do not forget big social sites – they give a chance to make a contact with potential customers. Be active and kind and the traffic will come.

  4. One of my colleagues calls social media management “feeding the monster,” and the monster is always hungry. But I don’t think social media has to take too much time. I do think it is worth it to be at least somewhat familiar with the platforms your audience is using.

    One tactic that I have found enormously helpful is to designate 30 minutes to one hour to social media in the morning, during which I will not respond to email or work on anything else. It keeps me focused and on-task.

    That same colleague who calls social media a hungry monster actually wrote on some other tips and best practices for managing time:

  5. Right now is an exciting time because of the value social media can bring to the picture. The ability to connect is so important and can have a powerful affect on people. However, people wont respond if they don’t find the content interesting, so it’s proactive approach of testing and learning for businesses.