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5 Small Business Marketing Lessons from NPR’s Car Talk

Car Talk Guys: Business Lessons [1]

This week the hosts of NPR’s most popular non-news show “Car Talk”  Tom and Ray Magliozzi announced in a post on their site “Time to Get Even Lazier”  [2] that they would “stop and smell the cappuccino.”  Car Talk has been on the airwaves for over 35 years of which 25 years has been on NPR.  The Wall Street Journal [3] said that Car Talk had an audience of over 3.3 million every week in over 660 stations quoting Eric Nuzum NPR’s vice president of programming.

My whole family are fans and will miss them having listened to them for 15 years. Every time I have heard Car Talk all these years,  this post has been on my mind. Here are my views on what small business can learn about marketing from the ” Click and Clack. the Tappet Brothers.” i.e., the Car Talk guys:

Are you a fan of Car Talk?  Will you miss them? What tips did you get from shows these like this or others you listen to? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Photo courtesy Flickr User WBUR [5] Boston’s NPR news station