Franchise Machines: DVD Kiosks, ATMs, Photo Booths, Vending

The global interactive kiosk market is expected to surpass $32 billion by 2027. This industry includes an array of niches, including DVD rental kiosks, ATMs, vending machines, and similar options. These machines allow consumers to purchase products or obtain services quickly and easily. They also allow business owners to operate without significant overhead.

If you’re interested in entering the growing machine business market, there are franchise opportunities that can help you get set up quickly. Here are some top franchises that involve machines for small business owners to consider.

DVD Kiosk Franchises

Even with the rise of online streaming services, there are still a lot of consumers who like renting DVDs. This is especially the case in popular tourist areas where people may not have access to the comforts of home. However, many are also placed at grocery and convenience stores. Kiosks provide an easy way for customers to access new releases. It also gives franchisees an opportunity to basically automate an entire business. If you’re interested in this type of business opportunity, here are some options to consider.

1. Redbox

Redbox is perhaps the biggest name in the DVD kiosk space. However, it doesn’t offer a program of traditional franchises. Still business owners who want to place a kiosk at their location can apply to be a partner. You need to have a location that you own or manage first. The idea is that a Redbox can bring in extra visitors who may be interested in renting DVDs and maybe also picking up some snacks. The company also provides unique promotional opportunities for partners like kiosk ads and sweepstakes. The company gets over 216 million transactions each year. As a result, there are still plenty of consumers who are likely to be persuaded by this offering. Since it’s not a traditional franchise business, there is no official fee to get started.

2. DVDNow

DVDNow offers a more traditional DVD business franchise opportunity where you purchase and place machines. The company updates its library of movies and video games every few weeks to keep customers interested. They even let customers create guest profiles to customize their experience. DVDNow kiosks are generally placed in tourist areas like hotels, resorts, and timeshares. However some may also be placed at grocery stores, pharmacies, and similar businesses in various communities. The franchising fee is $20,000. Total costs range from $22,995 to $199,995.

ATM Franchises

ATMs give people access to cash when they need it most. These businesses make money through small transaction fees. However, they can really add up over time. Many large ATM networks are operated by banks and not franchisees. Still there are a couple of options for those looking for automated franchise opportunities.


If you want an easy ATM franchise, consider ACFN. The company obtains contracts and finds placement for new ATMs. You just need to service the machines and run the business end of things once they’re installed. You earn an ongoing income from the fees that each of your machines collects. ACFN is the largest provider of ATMs to large hotel chains around the country. As a result, these machines are especially popular in areas with a lot of tourist activity. The fee for the franchises is $25,000. Total costs range from $39,134 to $64,017.

4. BitBox

BitBox is an ATM franchise that specializes in the buying and selling of Bitcoin. This is still an emerging industry, especially when it comes to this ATM/vending machine format. As a result, there’s not a lot of direct competition in most areas. New franchisees can get in on the ground floor if Bitcoin continues to gain popularity around the country. This franchise business does not require technical knowledge. You don’t need to be especially well versed in virtual currency or the machinery used. In addition, you can run most of your operations from home. Franchisees purchase machines from BitBox rather than paying a separate fee. Upfront purchases vary from $49,900 to $69,900.

Vending Machine Franchises

Vending machines offer snacks, soda, coffee, desserts, and even meal options. Customers can choose their favorites and pay the machine directly with cash or a card. These days, vending machines aren’t just full of unhealthy options either. There are tons of products that appeal to health-conscious consumers. If you’re interested in vending business franchise opportunities, here are a few to consider.

5. HealthyYOU Vending

If you want to start a healthy vending machine business, HealthyYou could be the perfect option. Each machine offers healthy vending snacks, drinks, and entrees. Some have different specialties. As a result, you can tailor your offerings to each specific location. For example, an office building might include some lunch options. On the other hand, areas like shopping centers where people are likely to just be passing through may include more drinks and snacks. The company provides machines, coaching, website support, and access to a healthy vending machine supply channel. The company doesn’t charge any initial franchising fees. However, initial costs range from $30,000 to $225,000, depending on how many locations you want to secure for your vending machine business.

6. Naturals2Go

Naturals2Go provides another healthy vending machine business option for small business owners. They provide location assistance, coaching and support – and warranties on machines. Products from the company’s vending machines include snacks, entrees, and drinks. As a result, this is another opportunity where you have the ability to tailor specific options to the location and your target customers. The company doesn’t charge an initial fee for the franchises. However, initial costs range from $50,000 to $250,000.

Photo Booth Franchises

Photo booths are common at malls, arcades, and special events. Today’s photo booth businesses generally require a franchisee to set up the booth and any additional equipment at each location. Then customers can basically operate it on their own. This offers a simple and low-cost way for individuals to break into the events business. Here are some popular options.

7. TapSnap

TapSnap is a photo booth company that is part of the events industry. You buy the equipment, bring it to events like weddings, trade shows, and corporate events. The hosts of each event pay to provide this experience to their guests. The equipment includes an enclosed photo booth setup along with lighting and a sharing station. As a result, guests can share images directly to their social media feeds. The company also provides training and in-house financing for new franchises. The initial fee is $17,500. The total upfront costs range from $41,100 to $45,100.

8. The Picture Podium

The Picture Podium is similar to a traditional photo booth. However, it offers an open-air setting and premium sharing options for those at special events. Basically, you bring the equipment to an event, set it up, and then let people personalize how they use it. Businesses can even use it as a marketing tool to share event or team photos. Some franchisees offer personalized backdrops so clients can add company or event logos if they choose. However, others may opt for a green screen and virtual backdrops. The fee for the franchises is $7,500. The total investment ranges from $10,500 to $12,000.


There are also businesses run by machines that don’t fit into the specific categories above. As automation and machine technology improves, these opportunities are likely to become even more prevalent. They’re also likely to continue stretching across various industries. If you like the idea of a vending machine or automated business but haven’t see an option that works for you yet, check out the other opportunities listed below.

9. Reis & Irvy’s

Reis & Irvy’s is a frozen yogurt franchise that’s completely automated. Customers choose their yogurt flavor and toppings. Then the company’s machinery puts it all together in a minute or less. It costs a bit more than some other machine franchises to get started. However, ongoing costs are low because you don’t need staff to serve customers. You just need to refill ingredients and maintain the machines. These franchises do best in busy areas like malls, airports, college campuses, stadiums, and museums. The franchise fee ranges from $15,000 to $60,000. Total costs range from $160,950 to 593,9000.

10. IceBorn

Ice and water may not seem like the most exciting products to sell. However, they are essential to tons of customers. IceBorn can help you deliver them. Their vending machine is automated and runs 24/7, usually at convenience stores or other areas consumers can access quickly when needed. Additionally, many consumers are likely to need lots of ice at once, especially if they’re hosting large gatherings and need to keep coolers cold. You can earn a fair amount by serving even a small number of customers regularly. This franchise business opportunity allows you to offer clean, filtered ice and water in bags or just allow customers to fill up their coolers for parties or outings. Of course, it’s not very expensive to continue purchasing water and ice to refill your machines. The franchise fee is $7,000. The initial investment ranges from $113,050 to $245,650.

How much is a RedBox franchise?

Redbox does not offer a traditional franchise program. So there aren’t set fees to get started. If you want to include a Redbox at a grocery store or other business that you own or manage, you can apply to become a partner. However, the process and financial obligations vary by location.

How profitable are ATM franchises?

ATM businesses earn income through transaction fees, which are usually just a few dollars at a time. However, they can really build up. The average ATM processes up to 10 transactions per day. If the fee is $3 per transaction, you can make $30 per day. Over a normal month, you might make up to $900. Based on the startup costs listed above, you could make back your initial investment within a few years. Then you can start bringing in extra profits since there are little to no ongoing costs for franchisees. Now image having more than one machine!

How do I buy a good vending machine franchise?

Buying a vending machine business starts with researching the market in your area. For example, if people in your community are partial to specific products like name-brand snacks, then a traditional machine may be best for you. However, if you’re in a market like New York where people may value healthy snacks or meals, then a vending business with that focus is likely to be more successful. From there, you need to evaluate the costs and work with the franchisor to find an exact location that suits the vending machines you have to offer.

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