Daily Deals That Won’t Break The Bank: Check Out Signpost

Groupon and LivingSocial have motivated many small businesses into offering daily deals, but the 50 percent commission is often a daily deal breaker. Signpost is a new venture-backed daily deal service that that lets small and medium sized businesses set up their own daily deal campaigns and online marketing offers on a DIY (do it yourself) basis. It operates on a lower commission structure with a flat monthly fee, to boot.

How it works:

1.  Signpost gathers info about your business and creates a campaign. You share details about how your business operates and works, of course.

2.  They match your campaign with the right online channels. This is one of the cool things about Signpost — they have loads of content partners that show your “campaign ad” on their blog or website. From their website:

We use our network of 1200+ national and local partners like Google, AOL, and Yellow Pages to access over 35 million local customers. Our extensive reach allows us to match your campaign to customers that count.

3.  Customers buy a voucher online to redeem at your store by clicking on that daily deal ad and pre-paying for the offer. You pay a commission to the content partner that is displaying your ad (via the Signpost system, of course) and they promise it is never more than 15 percent.

Within your account, like any web service, you have a real-time dashboard that shows your offers, redemptions, and other campaigns you are running. For example, you can set up a Facebook campaign or run an email newsletter through the service.

What I liked about the service

  • Signpost creates the campaign for you. As I pointed out above, they then distribute that offer for you. They have over 60 cities in the system so far, but I presume that if you’re not in one of those you can still create an offer of some type.
  • I like that 15 percent commission versus the 50 percent that other daily deal companies require.

What I would like to see improve

As most of my readers know, I don’t like it when you can’t get access to a site without leaving all your contact details. Signpost requires your email and phone and after you click “sign up” it says they will contact you shortly. So, I tried to sign up and now I’m waiting for a sales rep to call me. Not a big deal, but that wasn’t my expectation. As noted above, they are transparent with their pricing and how it works. Ideally, they would allow you to start filling in some details or checking out the dashboards or more than “hey, we’ll call you.”

Pricing is a flat $99 per month and a 15 percent (maximum) commission to sites that generate the click-through. If you’ve wanted to provide a daily or weekly coupon to your local customers and prospects, Signpost might be worth a closer look.

Learn more about Signpost.