GymnatiCorp’s Stock: Tumbled Again

GymnatiCorp's Stock: Tumbled Again

People who know I’m a cartoonist often say:

“I bet your kids give you a lot of material!”

Normally, I just agree and nod and laugh politely, but very little of what my kids say makes it into my work. (Although my daughter calling an incubator an “egg-inator” is almost too good to pass up. “I’ll be bawk!”)

What does end up in my work are scenarios and situations my kids encounter. For example, my daughter takes a beginning gymnastics class via the local park district, and one day they were showing off their tumbling. Which got me thinking about stocks. Which got me thinking that a gymnastics company might think differently about tumbling prices.

Which is where this cartoon came from, sort of indirectly via my daughter. (Thanks, sweetie!)

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