Tumblr iOS App Tumbles Out and Other Mobile Developments are Coming

Mobile applications are multiplying at a fantastic rate, an important trend to watch for any entrepreneur doing business regularly online. It’s something to keep in mind at every step of the way while planning your marketing strategy and general business plan, not to mention when deciding on what apps to use. Here are the latest mobile developments from around the Web.

Tumblr App

New iOS app tumbles out. The new revamped version 3.0.0 of the site’s iOS app features changes including revamped dashboard, support for high-resolution images, Spotify, a new image viewer, and offline support. CEO David Karp announced the new roll out at last week’s F.ounders event. The new app should move the site, billed as a community for content creators, solidly into mobile-friendly territory. Do you use Tumblr for your business? The Next Web

We don’t need no stinkin’ apps. Apparently, despite its massive popularity, Tumblr hasn’t made mobile development a top priority until now. However, that may change with the new iOS app. Many businesses have yet to create their own apps, even in a market growing more mobile by the minute. It’s important to be thinking about your business’s mobile strategy, no matter how popular your Website is with visitors today. Venture Beat

Microsoft & Android

Android app unveiled. Android has its own Google I/O 2012 app, announced earlier this week. The new offering works well on both phones and tablets, and allows sharing on Google+. Other features include I/O Live session video streams, automatic syncing of schedules, and near field communications beaming. For business users of Google Android, these are important features to check out. Engadget

Microsoft answers the call. Microsoft will answer the call of users and developers in need of a new version of Mobile Windows. Windows Phone 8 will feature a new start screen, multi-core support, VoIP integration, and near field communications. The company won’t release the new version for existing devices, but a Windows Phone 7.8 update will provide some of the new features for these users. The Verge

Which carriers will do the heavy lifting? US carriers AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have already signaled their intentions to introduce Windows Phone 8 devices, while Cricket, MetroPCS, and Sprint have not yet confirmed their support for the new platform. If you rely heavily on mobile devices for business, it’s time to check with your local carrier to find out when they will be supporting the new Windows for phone. PC Mag

Talking back to users. An important part of the mobile business ecosystem is the exchange between app developers and users. Whether you use business apps or develop them, Google Play is enhancing that relationship, allowing developers to respond to reviews from Android app users and to notify users when enhancements have been added. Android Developers Blog

Facebook & Apple

We like mobile. But up until now, it’s been really hard to show it. While plenty of people share content on the Web using Facebook’s “like” function, integrating those “like” buttons into a mobile app has not been possible…until now. Andrew Rothbart tells you how to make “likes” work for you in the mobile world, too. Take a look. Facebook Developer Blog

The operating system next door. If there’s one thing that stands out about the new iOS 6 for iPhone, it’s that this new operating system will be a boon for local businesses. Just look what the iOS 6 has to offer in the area of local search. You can access loads of information about any location, from photos to Yelp pages on local businesses, deals to save you money, and much more. Think what this iOS will reveal about your business. Cult of Mac

Smartphone social. Just as Facebook is integrating its “like” function into mobile apps, Apple’s announcement that it will include Facebook in its iOS 6 software is big news for business users of the social media giant. Though Facebook already has a mobile app of its own, integration into iOS 6 means a bigger audience from iPhone users as mobile’s popularity increases. ITBusiness.ca

Mobile Ready

Are you mobile ready? If you don’t have a mobile version of your Website, says marketing thought leader Cody Ward, you may already be loosing traffic and revenue. That’s because traditional Websites were never set up to display on a mobile screen. Traditional Websites displayed on mobile devices are unattractive, hard to view, and, in the case of e-commerce, make it difficult to place an order. Puzzle Marketer

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  1. I have seen just how important mobile websites can be to getting new business. I have also seen just how annoyingly difficult they can be to setup. Thank you for the roundup.