Apple and Amazon Plan New Mobile Devices

Apple and Amazon plan new mobile devices as competition escalates to satisfy the huge market for mobile technology. Business use of this technology allows greater efficiency and versatility, so business users will likely be an important part of that market. But even as these two companies announce their new offerings, other devices are already selling big. Here are some of the devices either already on the market or coming soon:

Apple Takes Another Bite

The shape of iPhones to come. The iPhone 5 is due this fall, but one change users may see is a new, smaller 19-pin connect port in place of the proprietary 30-pin port common on previous models. The change is likely to upset regular users of Apple products, but will be good news for accessory makers who will need to create products for the new standard. PC World

Part of the EU stew. One important reason for the change in specs may be that Apple is obligated to meet certain guidelines under new European regulations. The company agreed to standardize its new technology on a micro-USB connector in 2009, which means the new iPhone will be compliant with EU regulations once its manufactured. Ars Technica

Closing the price umbrella. In its bid to produce an iPad mini, Apple is also attempting to eliminate a “price umbrella” which might allow competitors to enter the market with competition for the $499 iPad in the $199 to $399 price range. But a smaller, cheaper version is also great news for budget-minded business users. I Am Concise

Amazon to Flood Mobile Market

Watch out world. Those were the exact words of one developer working on what may be as many as five or six new mobile devices from a less likely source: Amazon. While the mega-retailer may hope to boost online sales of digital products by putting the devices into consumers’ hands, these products will also be new alternatives for business users. Reuters

Ten-inch tablet on tap. Among the new devices Amazon may be set to introduce is a 10-inch tablet, according to Staples, a retailer likely to carry the devices. There’s no word on when the new tablets might be coming, but clearly they will transform the market for business users and others. The Verge

More Mobile Maneuvering

Selling the Galaxy. While the iPhone 5 may still be the most wanted phone among buyers, another device has made major inroads in terms of actual sales. Samsung estimates it has sold 10 million Galaxy S3’s in the past two months. TechCrunch

Seven may be a lucky number. Google says it sees “incredible demand” for its Nexus 7 mobile device, and began shipping pre-orders two weeks ago. The company is also ramping up its advertising campaign for the new device. The business user demand for the Nexus 7, however, remains to be seen. The Next Web

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  1. Oh, good. It was probably about time to clean out my wallet again.

    • Ha ha ha! It took me a minute, Dave, but I finally got your comment. Yep, that’s what it’s all about – money!

      — Anita

      • It sure is! As long as they keep making a product that’s both useful and versatile, though, they’ll keep me buying.

  2. I’m really interested in what Amazon’s phone will look like! Maybe a smaller Fire?

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