Facebook Barely Meets Income Goals

Since a disappointing IPO, Facebook has struggled to impress investors. This quarter, the social network struggled to meet revenue goals, and growth is slower than before the company went public. Meanwhile, the social media giant remains critical for business marketing and networking. Here’s the latest on Facebook’s business and tools.

Measuring Up

Show us the money. The majority of Facebook’s earnings this quarter, as in all previous quarters reported, is advertising revenue. This quarter, ad revenues accounted for $992 million, representing 84 percent of the social media networking giant’s earnings, a 45 percent increase year over year from 2011. The Verge

Earn some respect. Here’s a look at Facebook’s second quarter earnings in detail. What businesses using the social network regularly will like most is not revenue totals, but the 29 percent increase in monthly users and the 32 percent increase in daily active users. Facebook Investor Relations

Take the plunge. Businesses using Facebook to advertise and connect with customer are happy with growing user numbers, but investors in the company aren’t as Facebook’s stock value dropped to an all-time low following its report on quarterly earnings. This won’t affect business users of the site unless it means Facebook’s days are numbered. CNBC

New Directions

Hold the phone. Don’t expect a mobile device from Facebook, despite all the rumors circulating. In a recent conference call, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it wouldn’t make any sense for the company to make a phone, but given reports that the social media giant is investing in smartphone development, observers are speculating on what this could really mean. Business Insider

Stop buggin’ out. If you’re worried about Facebook security, you’re not alone. The company’s management team has taken an unprecedented step among tech firms, rewarding white hat hackers for finding and reporting security holes that expose user data. The new bug bounty program should inspire more confidence in the company’s efforts to protect user information. Bloomberg

Facebook’s Future

Make your recommendations. A new recommendation bar introduced yesterday helps people find articles on your site based on what their friends have liked or shared on Facebook. The plugin is a boon for Website owners using Facebook to promote content, and sites testing the tool so far are seeing three times the click through rate than that of Facebook’s other means of social promotion. Facebook Developers

Survey says. Change is inevitable. While Facebook continues to gain users completely outdistancing competitors, it might not stay that way forever. Business users rely on the dominant social network for marketing and connecting, but a recent survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index indicates users are more satisfied with Facebook competitor Google+, even if it has nowhere near the user numbers. Wired

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