U.S. Government Wants Input on Burdensome Regulations

As business owners, oftentimes rules and regulations from the government can put an unwanted burden on day-to-day tasks as well as the big picture. But now business owners have the opportunity to make their concerns known to U.S. Federal government officials.

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The White House is asking for input from business owners about burdensome regulations that negatively impact their businesses so that they can make necessary changes to help businesses succeed in the current economy.

Last year, President Obama ordered that all current rules and regulations be reviewed, so it can be determined which rules are working and which ones are not. As part of this continuing effort to better understand the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs, the White House is now asking for business owners to speak up about which regulations are doing more harm than good. Then the White House plans to streamline or eliminate those overly burdensome, ineffective, or outdated rules.

To achieve this task, the White House has set up a website where business owners and other individuals who may be burdened by government regulations can easily submit their comments and ideas about how to improve the system so that businesses can more easily succeed. The White House is looking for ideas from all different types of companies, from small businesses or entrepreneurs to large corporations.

Government agencies have already been working toward cutting these types of regulations, but Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein, said that those who work for the government can only go so far in deciding which regulations can and should be cut, and that is why public comments will be so crucial for the next step in the process. The White House has stated that all comments submitted will be carefully read and many will be acted on.

Submit your comments about burdensome regulations to the White House.

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  1. This is a transparent Democrat campaign strategy aimed at the small business owners of America, all of whom are disgusted with Obama’s anti-business, anti-capitalism, pro-government policies. I intend to vote for Romney in 2012 and end this Hope and Change nightmare!

  2. Why don’t they just listen to the “Jobs council” recommendations instead of pandering just prior to the election? It’s not like anyone in the government is going to willingly give up red tape, beauracracy or regulations.

    My challenge to anyone in government is to ask them if a kid can open a lemonade stand.

    Heads literally spin…

  3. Thanks Annie, but our government couldn’t care less about regulatory burdens on small business. They simply don’t get it. Although in many cases the burdens of over-regulation are well meant by the bureaucrats on all levels, it will take a revolution to curb the insanity. To complain to government about abuses could bring big government retaliation, so most of us keep quiet.

  4. Funny, I just saw this–does anyone actually believe this drivel? Step 1) Retrieve the Constitution from the trash can. Step 2) Remove all federal regulations not prescribed in that document.

    and are we talking about this Cass Sunstein?

    Somewhat more broadly, I will suggest that animals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives, to prevent violations of current law.” — Cass Sunstein