New Lost and Found Service Helps Companies Track Valuables

People and businesses can be hurt greatly by the loss of valuables. Whether it be equipment, expensive items, or irreplaceable data, a new online service is now aiming to help both individuals and businesses recover lost possessions and feel more confident about owning and using valuable items.

Belongs, Inc has just launched the next generation of global lost and found services for both web and smartphone users, Allowing users to remain anonymous, post and collect rewards for lost items, and easily tag their items with QR codes, hopes to encourage good deeds throughout its community of business and personal users, so that people have a better chance of actually retrieving lost items. lost and found service

Those who want to take part in the lost and found program can order sticker tags with QR codes that can be attached to valuable items. Business customers can order special corporate tags, which look like normal tags but can be tracked in your company’s name with special corporate features. asset management features, which run on a cloud-based platform, can also help companies with tasks like taking inventory and tracking item locations.

When users find an item with a tag, they can go to the website and enter the code located on the tag.  (See screenshot above — the pink arrows point what the code looks like.) Then will anonymously put the finder in touch with the owner of the lost item, and they can arrange for the delivery of the lost item. Then the owner can reward the finder for returning the lost item.

Currently in its beta version, is free for individuals, and offers several different plans for business customers, ranging in price depending on how many tagged items each company requires. However, does offer a one-month free trial for business customers.


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