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Even If You’re No Dummy, Phyllis Khare Has Social Media Tips for You

Social Media Marketing For DummiesIf you assume that the “For Dummies” book line is for newbies to a given subject, think again. I’ve been living social media for years, yet I still learned a ton in Phyllis Khare’s Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit For Dummies [1]. The book, which starts with the basics of marketing using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  YouTube and geolocation services, also goes more in-depth if you’re ready for the next step of learning.

Social Media Maven

Phyllis Khare [2] (@PhyllisKhare [3]) has long been somewhat of an authority on all things social.  She frequently blogs about social media for small business, and also trains business owners and speaks on the topic. In addition to this Dummies book, Khare is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies.

Brush Up Your Social Game

In the book, Khare talks about building your social authority. Thought leadership. Expertise. Whatever you call it, it’s something you need if you want people to consider you an expert in your industry. She walks you through building a cohesive branded look on multiple platforms, and offers really useful tips like:

Another useful tidbit I got from the book was on editorial calendars. “But Susan,” you say, “I’m not an editor!” If you blog, tweet or update your Facebook status, you are in a sense an editor. Khare encourages you to schedule your daily activities, such as:

I especially like this tip because I actually schedule all my daily tasks on my Google calendar. I find if I don’t, I’ll put off or forget to hop on social sites to brand my company. This helps you remember to do so and organizes what you’ll share:  i.e. company news, promotions, contests, etc.

What I Liked Best

The fact that this book appeals to multiple levels of social media users is great. I read a ton of books about social media, and often they’re solely geared toward beginners. I got a lot out of the book, and the step-by-step tips made it that much more valuable to me.

Also, the book comes with a CD-Rom as well as online course, so if you learn better with those methods, you have options.

Who Should Read The Book

If you’re new to social media, read this book. If you’re not, get off your high horse of thinking you know what there is to know, and read the book. You’ll pick up a few new skills (for me, her tip on creating YouTube playlists is one I’ll be implementing) and improve upon the ones you already have.

Sometimes being on social media gets stale and this book does a fantastic job of reinvigorating your enthusiasm for social media as a marketing channel.