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Targeted Cyber Attacks Against Small Biz: Chat Recap

Last week on July 19th we held a Twitter chat — and achieved a “personal best” for the Small Business Trends community.  Our #SMBchat made it as the top trending topic on Twitter.  And we’ve got the screenshot to prove it!  Thanks to all who participated and made it a huge success.

#SMBchat a Top Twitter Trending Topic

The topic was “Targeted Cyber Attacks, No Longer a Big Biz Problem” and we were fortunate to have two world-class security experts from Symantec join us:

Many thanks to Symantec for making the experts available and for sponsoring this chat!

As usual, we bring you a sampling of some of the interesting and insightful tweets.  Yours truly, Anita Campbell (@Smallbiztrends) was asking the questions of our expert guests and the community:

Q1: How likely is it that a small business will face a malicious cyber attack?

Q2: What are the most common types of malicious cyber attacks that small businesses face?

Q3: If small businesses use Macs, instead of PCs, do they need to worry about cyber attacks and malware? Why or why not?

Q4: What are the top steps SMBs can take to stay safe from Internet-based threats?

Q5: What is a “Comprehensive Security Plan” and how does a small biz create one?

Q6: What if despite prevention efforts, your business gets hit with a malware attack. What steps should you take to recover?

Q7: Passwords are a problem, especially as cloud apps grow all requiring passwords. What are some best practices?

Q8: If you don’t have internal IT or have limited staff, how do you get help for your biz?

Wrap up:
  • Great to see #SMBChat trending  – @michaelsharkey
  • Thanks for the #SMBchat security discussion – @NoahJS
  • We enjoyed reading all the commentary during the #SMBChat It’s great to see people connecting and discussing  – @BusinessDotCom
  • Tip: If you liked what someone said on a chat, follow them, connect later this week; cld be yr next client or biz partner!  – @CathyWebSavvyPR

See also the recap on the Symantec blog [11].

Note:  to make the recap easier to read, tweets above have been edited to remove redundant information, such as hashtags and answer numbers, and fix obvious misspellings.  The above represents only a small portion of the tweets — it is intended to cover key highlights for reader convenience.