Xero Makes Changes to Improve Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Online accounting software company Xero has made some changes in the past few months to better help business owners manage their finances. These changes aim to improve the company’s online accounting services so that small business owners can spend less time managing their finances and more time growing their business.


Earlier this month, Xero integrated with ADP’s online payroll platform, allowing the more than 150,000 small business owners who use RUN Powered by ADP to easily and securely transfer financial data between ADP’s payroll solution and Xero’s cloud-based software.

RUN Powered by ADP is a popular tool that offers improved compliance tools for payroll, tax administration and employee management. This change aims to allow both business owners and accounting professionals to manage payroll and other HR tasks more efficiently.

Xero also recently acquired WorkflowMax, a full-practice management suite that has allowed Xero to strengthen its cloud-based offerings. Since many businesses and accountants have begun switching over to online financial management systems, Xero wanted to make it easier for accounting professionals to not only manage their clients and finances, but also to deal with all of their other business functions within the same software.

WorkflowMax helps those businesses with important management functions such as tracking time, filtering job leads, generating reports, and creating invoices. With all of the added functions offered by WorkflowMax, accounting professionals can cut back on using different services for each management task, and just use one cloud-based service to run their business while easily collaborating with clients and colleagues.

Founded in 2006, Xero aims to help both business owners who want direct, real-time access to their finances, as well as accounting professionals who serve business clients. With software for everything from invoicing to online accounting, plus a wide range of available add-ons, Xero claims to be the world’s easiest accounting software, and also to have everything business owners need to run a business.

Pricing for monthly plans ranges from $19 to $39 with different features for small businesses with different accounting needs.

To learn more about Xero, visit Xero.

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  1. ADP has an online payroll platform. Is it just me, or is everything a platform these days?

    • Phil,

      Uh, no, it’s not just you. “Everything” is a platform these days — or wanting to be. 🙂

      The big players want platforms. The smaller/newer players want to latch on.

      – Anita

  2. This a great tool for especially small businesses who need to manage their own finances. It’s good that it integrates with RUN as well!

  3. Just helped another business owner this morning with Xero – he can see clearly from one page exactly where his business is and what he needs to focus on.
    Thanks Xero for your part in helping business owners around the world with simple and easy to use accounting software – you are a star

  4. There are several cloud based accounting software available now. Just google “cloud accounting” and you’ll get a good list of at least 10 to 15. I haven’t tried QB online, but I’m sure this is also available. You should consult with an experienced charted accounted to make sure what to do in the future, will be straightforward to implement.

  5. I just can’t justify $30/month as a small business owner for Xero. I don’t love my current accounting software, but it’s paid for already.