Data Collective Introduces Funding for Big Data Startups

Big data is no longer for big business only. And neither is a lot of other technology now available to the average entrepreneur. The key is to leverage this technology in a unique way to build a fantastic business. Today’s roundup starts with how that technology is putting massive amounts of data at your company’s disposal and then looks at other ways technology can transform your company forever.

Bigger is Better

How low can you go? Turns out the more important big data becomes to business on a daily basis and the more powerful the technology created to collect it, the lower the barriers for entry into this field have become. Two investing experts are taking advantage of this, creating the first ever fund for Big Data startups only. TechCrunch

Let your money do the talking. Big data is already giving small businesses a boost in the area of lending. Here small business financing expert Rohit Arora looks at how new technology allows lenders to gather more robust data about borrowers, going much deeper than a credit score to offer startups and other small businesses financial products specifically designed to meet their needs. Small Business Trends

Other Tech for Small Biz

Web tech for brick and mortar. You don’t need to be a big Internet company like Google or Amazon to benefit from the many online tools available. Brick and mortar companies like Minneappolis-based Wixon Jewelers can use internet technology just as effectively as Web-based businesses, says the company’s Online Marketing Director Jayme Pretzloff. UPrinting

Digital art for marketers. You don’t need to be a master at graphic design or a brilliant videographer to create great visual elements for your next marketing campaign. Listen to these insights from Leah Singer as she gives us a guided tour of two products; Over, a tool allowing you to easily add text to photos, and Extranormal, a text-to-video site, both guaranteed to add flare to your next effort. Merchantos

Always test your tech. An important step in introducing new technology for your business is to test that tech to be sure it performs as expected. In particular, its best to be sure you will have some idea of the new tool’s user experience. Whether your users will be customers, employees, or both, it is important to anticipate any problems with a basic checklist. Fusion Alliance

Managing your customers. If customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business, then certainly any technology that helps you manage those customers more effectively is a step in the right direction. Here’s a review of one such Customer Relationship Management application or CRM. Many of these tools are now available, so pick the one right for your business model. GetApp Learning Center

Mobile conference calling arrives. One of the big accomplishments of technology in recent years is to free us from the confines of our offices, giving us greater mobility, flexibility, and in the process, creating more productivity. If this is important to your business, you may just love this app. Smallbiz Technology

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