Endorse Provides Targeting and Analytics for Coupon Users

Consumers have been using coupons for years, but with all of today’s online and mobile technology, there has to be an easier way for consumers to get discounts. And for brands, there has to be a better way to target discounts and offers to their best customers.

Endorse is an online and mobile couponing service that offers consumers between 10 and 100% off their favorite products and brands. For businesses, this service can provide detailed information about the consumers that select and use discounts when buying their products, so that they can better tailor future offers to their target market.

Traditionally, consumers have always had to go through newspapers or ads and clip coupons, which they then hand to a cashier who puts them in their cash drawer. This process does not give the company any information about the consumers who use their coupons other than how many. With Endorse, brands can view detailed data about where the purchases were made and aggregate demographics data about its users.

The app actually works a little bit different than coupons. When consumers go to a store, they can open up the mobile app and view discounts on various items. Then they make their purchases and take a photo of the receipt. Endorse tracks the items that should be discounted and then credits the consumer’s account with the appropriate amount of funds. Endorse reimburses consumers for their discounts once their account reaches $25.

In addition, Endorse connects with Facebook, so brands can use those targeting tools to better reach their target market while also learning about their customers.

So for brands that want to entice consumers with discounts, but don’t have the funds to send out mailers or purchase ads in newspapers, Endorse allows you to not only target the consumers who are more likely to buy your products and use your discounts, but to save money and continue to learn more about your consumers and which promotions can make your company the most money.

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