Go Daddy CEO Steps Down

Every Internet entrepreneur knows the importance of good Internet hosting, and the misery that can ensue when hosting problems occur. Heck, just look at our recent coverage of the problems experienced by Famous Bloggers founder Hesham Zebida when he briefly lost two of his domains for several days last week. It’s important to know as much as you can about your hosting company before making the decision where to host your Website. Be sure you are getting the services you need.


Musical CEOs. Once a darling of the Internet entrepreneurial community, Go Daddy has experienced some shakeups in management recently. The company announced that CEO Warren Adelman had stepped down after just 8 months on the job, and will be replaced by Scott Wagner of KKR Capstone, a major investor in the company. TechCrunch

No accounting for taste. Earlier last month, Go Daddy seemed to be bolstering its offerings to its small business clientele, acquiring automated accounting application company Outright with plans to add financial management features to its Web hosting and domain name registration services. PC World

The Future of Hosting

Ease of operation. Before his departure, former Go Daddy CEO Adelman talked about the reasons for the Outright acquisition. Go Daddy makes domain name signup and hosting simple, while Outright focuses on making it easy to combine data from e-commerce sites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon, invoicing Web sites like Freshbooks and Harvest, and receipts sites like Shoeboxed. Both are hyper focused on supporting online small business. eCommerce Bytes

One stop shop. The ultimate aim for Go Daddy, said Adelman recently, is to move from a simple Web hosting and domain registration company to a sort of one stop shop for entrepreneurs seeking to create an online business. That shop offers Web marketing tools, e-commerce functions, SEO and social media marketing assistance, accounting, and more. Tech Biz

Dangerous domain. But no matter how much effort might be placed behind making hosting a safe and easy process, business owners must always remember that the security of their site is their own responsibility. Here blogger Tuan Do makes some suggestions for protecting your online security without leaving everything up to your Web hosting company. TechWalls

Other Hosting Options

More than a Website. Of course, hosting possibilities go far beyond simply getting a Website online in this era of cloud computing. Microsoft, for example, has introduced a version of its Windows Azure cloud platform, which allows the company’s partners to offer business customers an infrastructure-as-a-service experience including deployment of many different applications. Gigaom

A gracious host. Meanwhile Dell has partnered with hosting automation software Parallels to provide its business users with a hosted Microsoft Office 365 offering. The Dell announcement means that business customers of the computer company will be able to use features like email, shared calendars, document creating and editing tools, instant messaging, Web conferencing, and internal team Websites through computers, tablets, smartphones. Web Host Industry Review

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  1. Adelman stepping down is definitely a good reminder that the security of your site is your own responsibility. Go Daddy is in the business of hosting not security. Though, if a hosting company did start boasting of helping website owners with security, they may have a great UPS. Thanks for the post.

  2. Hi-

    I have to disagree a little with your statement about GoDaddy being in the business of hosting not security. Yes, it is largely up to the site owners to handle security for their sites, but it is the responsibility of the hosting company to protect users from one another.

    There are a lot of options and tools a hosting provider has to maintain a secure environment for their users. If GoDaddy isn’t (and I’m sure they are) considering this, then they are failing their users.

    For users, never run any scripts that aren’t from a trusted source. Use secure (really long and random) passwords. Finally, keep regular backups of your sites and databases.


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