Microsoft Introduces New Outlook

Email just got a whole new look with Microsoft’s new Outlook. The company provides a fresh perspective on its popular email platform and the role of email in business communications. The e-mail application you use for business definitely makes a difference, especially in terms of usability. Here are some details on the new platform’s features and other important news on e-mail for business today.

At the Speed of Business

Windows 8 is great. Microsoft has upgraded many of our favorite business features for Windows 8, including cloud services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, new apps, new updates to SkyDrive, and the new Windows Office. But the software giant is also re-imagining e-mail with some interesting results. Outlook Blog

Should I stay or should I go? Though the old version of Hotmail will remain available, users can upgrade to the new preview version of Outlook starting now. You can either rename your existing hotmail account as a new account or just add a new alias to your existing account. The Verge

Hotmail not so hot. While you can elect to keep your same-old same-old hotmail account, be aware that Microsoft is gradually phasing out the Hotmail brand . It’s hard to leave something familiar behind, but the new Outlook represents the future and the platform Microsoft will be supporting. GeekWire

Thanks a million. If you want to get a sense of how users are already responding to the new Outlook, just take a look at the amazing response. According to this report, the new platform saw an impressive one million signups within just six hours of launch. Hopefully the new e-mail product will live up to all it promises. The Next Web

An E-mail Evolution

The kids are alright. As talk of email upgrades abounds, it’s a good time to think about the power e-mail still has as a marketing tool, even among groups thought of as being beyond its reach. For example, a recent survey shows a large number of young people in high school or college still prefer e-mail and mobile communication to social media sites like Facebook. Smallbiz Technology

Long live email. If you’ve heard email marketing is on the decline, well, think again. The practice is alive and well, despite the rise of social media and mobile communications. So, if your business’s email campaigns are failing, it could be because you’re not properly targeting customers who want the products and services you offer. Clickz

The check is in the mail. Email that is. Data suggests that not only is email outperforming social media in terms of sales conversions, but that by 2016  businesses will be spending an estimated $2.5 billion on email marketing alone. Marketing Pilgrim

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  1. Well, there goes hotmail, the once most popular email service. Might make some people with a hotmail address feel old.