Popset: Upload Albums Directly to Facebook Pages, Collaborate With Fans

There’s no shortage of photo apps that give users the ability to work with social media sites, but not many are designed specifically with brands in mind.


Now, photo editing app Popset has updated its features to include the ability to post albums directly to Facebook fan pages, along with other social outlets.

CEO Jan Senderek says:

“Photos are an instantaneous and powerful way for brands to tell their story, which is why they’re looking for ways to take full advantage of Facebook’s emphasis on photos. Popset makes the process of telling that story through photo albums easier, by allowing brands to create and edit new albums, and then upload them to Facebook with one click.”

In addition to the ability to post photos and albums directly to brand pages, Popset also gives users the ability to synch brand and fan photos, which can encourage collaboration and interaction with customers. To do this, brands can invite fans to upload their own photos to the company’s Popset album.  Senderek says:

“Collaborative photo albums mean that now your brand’s fans can become advocates who help tell your brand’s story through their photos.”

Senderek said that there are many ways brands can use this collaborative feature to interact with fans, and tell their stories from multiple points of view:

“A few high-profile figures have already found awesome ways to use Popset to connect with fans.  During his recent world tour to support Men In Black 3, Will Smith used Popset to create a group album for the New York premier so that he and his fans could put all of their photos together.”

Popset is a free app available in the App Store. In addition to sharing photos, users can also edit photos with filters, add captions and more.

Captions can even be preserved when the album is uploaded to Facebook and photos and albums are backed up and stored on multiple devices.

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  1. This sounds amazing. I am having 1000s of pics to be uploaded to my FB fan page regularly which waste plenty of my time. This will be an ideal solution. I am gonna try this out today.. Thank you so much.