QuicklyChat: A Faster Way for Remote Teams to Do Video Chat

If you have employees or co-workers working remotely, communication can be an issue. Video chat programs often require team members to call one another. That can seem a little excessive for just a 10-second question. Now a new product has been introduced that lets teams communicate via video  just by pushing a button.


QuicklyChat has introduced a push-to-talk video chat solution made for companies that have employees working remotely. The system is different from others like Skype because it doesn’t require users to “make calls” to other people.  You just double-click on a user name and a small video window pops up down in the right corner, connected to your co-worker.  It also updates employees’ availability automatically.

The push-to-talk feature can help teams communicate more quickly and with less hassle. When team members are in the same physical office, they can just stand up above the cubicle or call out across the room to ask a quick question.  Companies with employees who work remotely haven’t had a good substitute.

QuicklyChat aims to change that. The system tries to make it simple to ask a quick question or have a fast chat remotely, and still have visual communication clues that text chat lacks.  It includes a status indicator that lets team members know who is available and who isn’t, without users having to change their statuses manually.   The indicator automatically updates co-workers’ statuses based on what they’re doing on their computer, without actually telling other team members what they’re doing — by using a red light, yellow light or green light system.

The system has default settings that detect what the employee is doing on their computer and update status.  Or the employee can customize the settings.

So if an employee is browsing YouTube, the light would be green to let other team members know he or she is available to talk. If an employee is preparing reports in Excel or coding a new website, the light would likely be red to let other team members know they are busy at the moment. And if an employee is checking email, the light is probably yellow, depending on how that employee customized the settings.

The QuicklyChat system is designed to make remote co-workers feel like they’re just walking up to someone’s desk to ask a question, while knowing it is and acceptable time to interrupt. The program is currently in free beta, but plans to move into a freemium service in the future.

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