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RebelMouse Creates a Collage of Your Digital Life

With more and more social networks popping up daily, many Americans find themselves with so many different sites to check and manage and not enough time to do so. Enter RebelMouse [1], a self-dubbed “social front page” that lets users add content from other social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The site, which is part of Soho Tech Labs, an incubator funded by Lerer Ventures [2], serves as a sort of hub for users’ social media content. All of the different updates come together and create a Pinterest-style collage of a user’s digital life. Users can choose to have their tweets, Instagram photos, and other social content upload to RebelMouse automatically, but they can also add stories and move around the content on their page so they have more control over how it looks.

The purpose of the site is to help you create a page where other users can get a glance at your overall social media presence. If you often share about politics, technology, and startups, for instance, someone can take a look at your RebelMouse page and see that you often talk about those topics and then decide if they’d like to subscribe to your updates on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.

Says CEO, Paul Berry:

“What people share on social networks is now a part of their identity, but their sites don’t show that.  RebelMouse allows everyone to create a truly social site in minutes.”

Currently, RebelMouse has more than 25,000 sites and is growing quickly, according to Berry, who got the idea for RebelMouse when he was CTO of the Huffington Post:

“This is really just the beginning.  We’ll be adding more networks and more design options so your RebelMouse can be as customized as you’d like. Soon we’re releasing the ability to read content from those you follow on RebelMouse and we’ll eventually help you find the best in your network. We also will help people power their own domains through RebelMouse.”