TeamWox Makes Group Collaboration Less Complicated

No matter the size, every business has a seemingly endless number of daily tasks that have to be managed, planned, organized, and implemented. For those business owners who have employees and different departments to manage, all of these daily tasks can sometimes feel overwhelming. That is why TeamWox, an online management system, aims to make all those daily tasks more attainable through its series of management tools.


TeamWox is, in essence, a complete management suite that can help small business owners manage their team, handle a variety of different tasks, and run a service desk and IP telephony system from anywhere.

This TeamWox review is designed to give you an overview of what to expect from TeamWox, the advantages and disadvantages.

There are many different features and versions available for businesses with different needs, including the main TeamWox software, corporate instant messenger service TeamWox Communicator, accounting synchronization service TeamWox 1C Sync, software as a service provider TeamWox SaaS, and more.

For small businesses with ten team members or fewer, each TeamWox system is provided free of charge. Users can simply download TeamWox and any relevant services right from the website and get started. Companies with larger teams can pay an annual fee for added employee accounts.

Upon signing up for TeamWox, you’re directed to a dashboard with a number of options, including team, tasks, telephony, documents, and organizations. Users can create messages for their team members, add contacts and pertinent information, assign tasks to different departments or employees, and more.

With so many different options and abilities, the service might feel a bit overwhelming at first, but everything serves an important function and can be customized to fit different types of businesses.

For entrepreneurs that run online-based businesses, particularly those with team members or assistants working remotely, the cloud-based system could prove to be a vital asset for easily keeping connected and on top of all tasks that need to be accomplished.

For example, if a business owner receives an email about a customer service issue, they can easily create a new task for their customer service representative or assistant. This eliminates the need for lengthy email conversations and worries about which employees can handle which tasks. Managers can simply view all the tasks in the queue, make assignments accordingly, and then track progress from there.

This simplified form of delegation can help companies improve productivity and cut back on communication error.

And speaking of communication, TeamWox offers a secure live chat feature so that team members can directly communicate with customers using a chat box that’s integrated right into the company’s web page. All of the chats are stored in the TeamWox system so they can be reviewed later if need be. And employees and managers can also chat with each other to get help or clarification with issues.

TeamWox also has a system for handling both internal and external phone calls. It’s IP PBX telephony service allows companies to implement intelligent call forwarding, add an interactive voice menu, and even arrange secure audio conferences.

In addition, the phone system works with any phone provider and the cost of external calls is minimal. The telephony module is available free of charge to users of any TeamWox system version.

TeamWox offers a two-month free trial version of Groupware SaaS that includes unlimited access to all of TeamWox’s management features, so small businesses can sign up to see for themselves how the program can benefit their company. In addition, TeamWox offers a help section and online assistance for troubleshooting or unanswered questions.

Signing up is quick and easy. And once the free trial period is over, TeamWox has a variety of plans and pricing to fit businesses of different sizes, ranging from the free version for up to ten accounts to one that offers unlimited accounts for an annual subscription fee of $2,000 (in addition to the cost of purchasing the service).

Overall, TeamWox, provides a secure, efficient, and generally easy-to-use collaboration system that can help companies work together more efficiently and manage and organize tasks more easily and transparently all within one simple system.