Timetastic Simplifies Taking Vacation Days

The process of taking time off is not only a pain for employees, but can also result in a lot of added work for employers who need to manage vacation days for multiple employees or departments. Now, a new app, Timetastic, aims to make it easier for employees to take time off and for employers to manage staff leave.


Currently in beta testing, Timetastic gives companies the ability to manage time off online or via mobile devices. Employees can check their calendar and request time off, and the boss is given the ability to authorize time off simply via email. Everything is recorded instantly, so there is less opportunity for lost communication or error.

Upon signing up, users can view a calendar and select how many days off each employee can request. Then employers can invite their employees, who can select the days they’d like to request off, specify the type of leave, and submit it to their boss for approval. Managers or small business owners can then view a simple wall chart or calendar showing which employees have vacation time and when, so they can avoid clashes between team members.

For small companies without an HR department or with limited HR resources, a simple system like Timetastic could help to reduce paperwork, spreadsheets, and confusion surrounding something as simple as an employee’s request for a day off. Employees don’t need to be in the office to request vacation days, and managers can approve their leave remotely as well.

Timetastic is produced by English-based company Mediaburst, and is currently in its final testing stages. The web app is free for beta users.

Once the application goes live, Timetastic will be free for a company’s first three employees, with an added monthly fee for each additional employee. Timetastic is also building apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

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