Trans Pacific Partnership Concerns Many Critics

The list of recent regulations and trade agreements endangering businesses of all sizes in the name of big business is long. But few have been negotiated in as much secrecy as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). For a look at this and other issues that may impact your freedom to run your business as you see fit, check out the latest news below.

TPP Troubles Many

Son of ACTA. Critics compare the new Trans Pacific Partnership to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and many are opposing the clandestinely negotiated agreement for a number of reasons. Most important, however, is its apparent elimination of due process and free speech in the name of protecting intellectual property rights. Boing Boing

Let the sun shine. Those concerned about the secretive treaty, which many worry may favor big business at the expense of the little guy, are working hard to gain access to as much information on the agreement as they can. So determined are the opponents of TPP, that one opposition group claims to have raised a $17,000 bounty for leaked documents from the negotiations. TechDirt

Keeping Your Business Free

Don’t be a copycat. Do we really need to mention this again? Copying someone else’s content without permission has always been a dangerous game. Besides the obvious ethical issues of stealing someone’s work and passing it off as your own, the offense is now likely to have ramifications in your search ranking as well. But some worry Google has gone too far. SiteProNews

Solve your Penguin problems. Bad linking is causing problems for many online businesses in the wake of Google’s latest algorithm adjustment. SEO blogger Eric Enge explains some of the biggest issues that may be ruining your search engine ranking and your business, and will give you advice on how to get on the road to redemption. Search Engine Watch

Making Your Business Strong

Get your voice heard. These days it can be harder than ever before to get your voice out there to those  interested in hearing your message and doing business with you. Your best strategy for building a business with the freedom you need is to take a page from the recording industry and make guest appearances on the blogs of others. Right Hat SEO

Look at ad options. Sometimes relying on search engines isn’t enough. Marketing through Pay Per Click and other advertising helps you get the search results you want more immediately, compliments your SEO, and provides you with valuable marketing data. Here are more suggestions. 3 Bug Media

Make time for mentors. Entrepreneurs are renowned for trying to do things there own way. That’s fine, but in this post we look at the benefits of seeking out masters in your field. Knowledge is power, and working with a knowledgeable “master” in your field is one way to free your business of the hurtles and errors that you might face without expert advice. My Note Taking Nerd Blog

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  1. So Internet advocates, be warned. At least until the negotiators leak that they were just kidding.

  2. They plan in the dark the evil they will force on us in the light.