Zuberance Turns Employees Into Brand Advocates

Word of mouth marketing can be a powerful tool for small businesses, especially for those who use tools to make sure that message reaches as many people as possible.


For years, companies have been working on ways to turn their customers into brand advocates, but there’s one more group of people who could be a strong advocate for brands in a completely different capacity.

Marketing company Zuberance, which focuses on turning a brand’s customers into brand advocates, is now working on a new push to begin turning a company’s employees into advocates of a different sort.

The new Workforce Advocacy Program can help companies enhance what is oftentimes already there.

A company’s employees could, for example, share positive testimonials about their employer for the recruiting purposes. Zuberance would use the same types of tools as it does for its traditional brand advocacy programs, such as Advocate Stories and Advocate Answers, and just repurpose them to be used in a new capacity.

In addition to employee advocates helping with recruiting, they can also be there to help the company in times of PR crisis.

For example, if the company’s CEO posts something on social media that upsets some customers, the company’s employee advocates could be there to put the statement into context or clear up any misunderstandings.

Zuberance specializes in finding out which customers, and now employees, would make the most enthusiastic advocates, and then providing them with the tools to create testimonials, reviews, answers to specific questions, and more. Then companies can track how many clicks, leads, and sales were generated by those advocates.

Some of the tools offered by Zuberance may be more relevant to larger companies or brands, but small businesses could benefit from some of the tools offered, both for the Employee Advocacy Solution and the Brand Advocacy program.

Zuberance offers several different options for its advocacy programs, including Zuberance Self Service, a more hands-on approach to the advocacy system that is free to use during its current beta period.

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