20 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools You Should be Using

20 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools You Should be Using

Social media is quickly becoming a main focus of marketing for small businesses. Social media is an excellent tool to build a community around your product or service, expand your target market, and to listen to what your customers want. It’s clear that social media is valuable, but measuring social media ROI proves to be a challenge.

Luckily, there are numerous free and low cost tools you can use to measure your social media activity. Do you want to know the increase in brand mentions? The number of conversions directly related to social media efforts? The growth rate of your online community? Know what you are measuring and why when choosing your social media monitoring tools.

Here’s a list of 20 free social media monitoring tools worth checking out:

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a web-based dashboard that allows you to monitor multiple social networks in one place. You can collaborate with fellow employees, schedule messages, and assign tasks to your team. It’s particularly great for managing multiple accounts on the same platform. This is one of my personal favorites.

2. Klout

Klout provides an influencer score based on your social media activity. Your Klout score is determined using over 400 variables. In addition to working on your own Klout score, you can look at your influences and who you influence to regularly share content that is of the highest quality from trusted sources.

3. TweetReach

Who is reading your tweets? How is it being shared? What is the measured impact of what you’re putting out there? TweetReach is a social analytics tool that helps you capture this valuable information.

4. TwentyFeet

TwentyFeet aggregates your activity from various social media platforms so you can get the full picture of your online presence. Then, you can determine which of your activities are most valuable.

5. Twitalyzer

Measure your impact, engagement, and influence on Twitter with this tool. They offer three plans, depending on your needs, Individual, Business and Agency, all at a very reasonable price. They do offer their three most popular reports for free, so just connect your Twitter account and start Twitalyzing.

6. PeerIndex

Use this tool to determine your online authority and who your online brand advocates are. Learn which topics are best for you to focus on and who to connect with to spread the word.

7. Facebook Insights

This dashboard gives you all of the analytics data related to your Facebook page so that you can track growth and impact. Use the Insights to better understand your followers and reach the right audience.

8. SocialMention

Track and measure who is talking about you, your company, your product, or any topic related to your industry. SocialMention pulls data from hundreds of social media services to give you the most accurate, real-time information.

9. SocialPointer

This tool allows you to track and monitor social mentions and respond in real-time. Find potential customers, listen to what your competitors are saying, and get immediate feedback about your business.

10. SocialBro

Manage and analyze your Twitter account with SocialBro. This tool gives you detailed information about your Twitter community so that you can interact with followers more efficiently and garner the best results.

11. FollowerWonk

This Twitter analytics service, now owned by SEOMoz, allows you to understand and sort your followers. Learn when your influential followers are most active so that you can select the best times to engage your community and to ensure you’re reaching the right people at the right time.

12. HowSociable

Measure your brand’s impact online with this tool that provides you with a magnitude score. The score analyzes your level of activity online so that you can determine whether you have enough of a presence.

13. Seesmic

Manage all of your business’ social media accounts in one place with Seesmic. Quickly view and respond to social activity in real-time even from your mobile devices.

14. Engag.io

This is a great tool for managing your conversations on social networks. Engag.io provides you with valuable insights into the people you are talking to via social media and also gives you a place to track whether or not you’ve responded.

15. TweetDeck

Arrange feeds from all of your social networks in one place using the TweetDeck dashboard. You can also schedule tweets and set-up customizable feeds for your social search needs.

16. Brand Monitor

Track your brand across numerous social media sites. Find where conversations relevant to your business are taking place so that you can start becoming an active social media participant. Learn trending keywords and measure conversation engagement to help bring more valuable brand content to social media platforms.

17. Kred

Similar to Klout, Kred mines social data to give you a Kred score. The score is a combination of your influence and your outreach activity. Kred measures how often you tweet or post, how people interact with you, and the growth of your audience. Kred gives you a detailed breakdown of your score so that you know exactly where you should improve and the areas in social that are working well for your company.

18. Google Analytics Social Reports

Nicely integrated into your Google Analytics platform, Social Reports helps measure how social traffic is directly impacting your conversions. Using an overview of your social networks, this tool allows you to visualize your social traffic so that you know where your time is best spent in the social world.

19. TwitterCounter

TwitterCounter tracks Twitter users to give you statistics and usage information for your account. This service offers a very basic free package with graphical data, but you can pay a bit more for access to an account comparison feature, more updates, report exports, and more.

20. Topsy

This is a real-time social search engine. Sort through the latest social activity related to your industry, brand, or community and apply that knowledge to future business decisions.

There’s a lot of overlap in the services these social media monitoring tools provide. It’s most important that you find the tool that aligns with your business needs and personal preferences.

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Ilana Bercovitz Ilana Bercovitz is a social media and marketing professional at ReTargeter, a full-service display advertising solution specializing in retargeting. Ilana has served as a featured contributor and online content editor for CloudShare, Dream of a Nation and many others.

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  1. Great list! I stopped using Klout when it lost it’s usefulness a while ago

    • Thanks! Completely understandable about Klout. Oddly enough, I’ve seen some companies require a minimum Klout score for job applicants…in social media positions of course.

      • That’s sort of silly, considering Klout can be so easily manipulated. But maybe that’s why they want you to have a high Klout score… to show that you know your stuff enough to manipulate it.

    • Really great list! I haven’t used the majority from it, so I will definitely try.

    • Hi Ilana , This is an awesome article to go through with good and brief description on social media management and tools. Even I have number of accounts but did not realize that they can be so beneficial in my marketing campaigns. However my management tool, Sociota enables automatic postings and bulk scheduling. So once again thanks for building up my marketing
      strategies through this article

  2. Hi Ilana,

    That’s a very comprehensive list. I didn’t even know about a couple of them.
    And thanks for including Engagio!
    William / CEO, Engagio

  3. Very nice comprehensive list, thank you for the efforts.

  4. Hi, Ilana! Thanks so much for this post…it’s great!

  5. Where are Buffer and Tweriod? They rock my world!

  6. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Glad to see Engag.io on this list. That one, in particular, is a life saver for me!

    Another, newer player is SocialPing. I suggest people try this one out. It provides monitoring, tracking, reporting and *recommendations* for your Twitter life. It is strictly for Twitter right now, but once you dig into it the intelligence it returns is killer.

    • Thanks Kirsten!

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll look into SocialPing. Sometimes it’s nice to have different monitoring tools for each network.

    • Socialping Twitter Analytics

      Thanks for the shoutout, Kirsten!

      One thing that really sets us apart is instant notifications on anything you want to track. They can be sent to absolutely any device, via SMS, push-notification, RSS, email, etc.

      P.S. Excellent choices for this article. We also integrate Klout and PeerIndex within Socialping 🙂

  7. Excellent article, as full as to distribute and parameterize our information, I will try some that I need, I’m a fan of TweetDeck but lately the platform started with some drawbacks!

    A hug and success!

  8. Ilana Bercovitz: Great list of social media monitoring tools. I will bookmark it on my Google+ page. Did you hear that Seesmic is now acquired by HootSuite?

    • Thank you for reading, Martin. I’m so glad this list is helpful. I did see that! I wrote the article before it happened. Have to admit that I’m not surprised. Oddly enough, I found Seesmic more useful when I had a Droid, but now that I’m on the iPhone, I am a huge fan of HootSuite. Maybe this acquisition will improve Seesmic.

  9. One more thing Ilana. I’m not sure what commenting system is being used on this blog, but I recommend they look at Disqus. Multiple advantages: a) the user sees a familiar signon, b) Disqus has a referral mechanism now where the site can earn revenue, c) it places related articles below the comments so it increases your traffic, d) and since Engagio integrates deeply with Disqus, you will see more users coming back from Engagio because we share where your friends are discussing and you’ll get visibility on the Engagio network too.

    • I will definitely pass your Disqus recommendation along. I used the service at the last company I worked for and enjoyed its many features.

  10. Nice article. It’s hard to believe that Klout is such a controversial topic. Whenever that service is mentioned, somebody always has to make a negative comment.

    • They say all press is good press! Regardless of how Klout stirs strong opinions, people use it so I felt it should be included. Thank you for reading.

  11. Great list. We’ve explored many of these…including Klout…but there’s some new discoveries there well worth delving into.

  12. All seem to be a great source of contacts. I’m still partial to LinkedIn. It has served me well.

  13. Excellent compilation. I was only aware of couple of them. Every small business owner should mark this article under ‘no-excuse’. We are going to forward this to our clients too.

  14. Very useful article thanks. We are launching a new service and this information is invaluable to social media novices like us!

  15. HI Ilana,

    Great article, really good collection of Social Media tools. I would love to discuss Social Media Analytic tools with you further via email, could you drop me a line?

    Many thanks,

  16. Please also consider including SocialMotus.com. We’re a new, free social management tool platform for businesses and individuals. We’re building some innovative and powerful conversion tracking and social management features including priority messages inbox, targeted Twitter followers discovery, sales conversions by posts and much more.

  17. Nice list of tools for all of us Internet Marketers Ilana! Another tool worth mentioning is SocialSeek, but I can tell you there are so many related sites popping up that it can be a daunting task to maintain. What method do you prefer when prioritizing a top 20 list?

    • Thanks so much for reading, Dwight. That’s a great question. I tend to do a lot of research on tools like these when there’s a particular feature I’m needing for work. As I try various tools, I maintain a list of each and what I liked and didn’t like. I also have numerous Google Alerts on social media related news, which often give me new tools to try. I know I left many great ones off of this list. These just happen to be the ones I have had the opportunity to really explore. I’ll check SocialSeek out.

  18. Please also consider including SocialMotus. We’re a new, free social management tool platform for businesses and individuals. We’re building some innovative and powerful conversion tracking and social management features including priority messages inbox, targeted Twitter followers discovery, sales conversions by posts and much more

  19. Another free tool is:

    Take a look.

  20. This is a great list post Ilana. I’m personally fond of Tweet Deck. I find it incredibly easy to use and I’m able to organize the people I follow in to easy to monitor lists. Thanks for sharing this awesome post with the community. I appreciate it!


    • Ti,

      Thank you for your support. I’m just glad I could help out! I also like TweetDeck, but lately I’ve been using Hootsuite more. Maybe I’ll get back into TweetDeck now that you mention it.

  21. Hi Ilana! Awesome article – I learned about a few new tools I never heard of. I am new to social media marketing for my business and I just started using Blurtster. I checked out many of the ones listed here and I liked Blurtster the best. It is easy to use, gives me the info I need (and more) and it is by far the cheapest of the ones I looked at. Thought I would give my new favorite tool a shout out!

    • Thanks for reading, Jessica! There are so many tools out there, that often it comes down to personal preference. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll take a look at Blurtster.

  22. I like this list and must say this article is very informative.

  23. Some of them are really great tools.

    I always use many tools for the monitoring of social media.

    It’s good to know that there are some tools like these that can be added to my tool list.

  24. Hi,
    Your content is really quite informative and resourceful in nature which gives necessary insights on the context of use of social media monitoring tools. Social media analysis tools scan through the vast online reserves of information and filter out that information which is valuable for the organization’s business benefits.
    [edited by Editor]

    Thanks and Regards,
    Pia Sen,
    Marketing Manager @ Nuvento systems Pvt Ltd

  25. Great information here, I was unaware of all these fabulous social media marketing tools at hand! Thanks!

  26. Excellent list! I found Klout to be a very interesting insight as to how influential others are on Twitter. Cheers!

  27. Nice list but Quintly, in my opinion the best tool for Facebook analytics and benchmarking, is totally missing.

  28. Can you please provide a contact email for you. Working on a social media presentation for my company. Interested in chit-chat.

  29. What do you think about this platform? http://www.sozializeme.com I’d like to know if you find it as useful as I do. Best, Antonio

  30. Setting up a new team for social media is very hard however with tools like these, it does make things a lot easier.

    Thank you for making things easier for us.

  31. Juliet Cartwright

    Great post, Ilana! I think your input on the various social media monitoring tools is really helpful.
    Although your list of social media monitoring tools was extensive, I wanted to highlight a free tool called, “Buzz Equity.” It’s a real-time social media search platform where you can search for mentions of a brand on an extensive list of frequented social media websites. A key feature of this tool is that it incorporates Chinese and Asian social platforms, so if you are interested in those markets you really must try it out.

    [Edited by Editor]

  32. Hi Ilana, thanks for posting this list. I have shared it on our team call and it has started a great discussion around these and others as well.

  33. I have been using various social media marketing and monitoring and marketing tools and am personally a fan of two tools that stand out from the rest: Sendible and EaseSocial. If you can shed out a few extra bucks go for sendible but if you want to get social media insights for a little less, EaseSocial may be a great option. I have used around 7-8 paid tools and found that most features on offer are not exactly very useful. So, I’ll limit myself to using a tool which does less but at a better price. Sproutsocial is also a nice option though we stopped using it due to edgy customer support some four months ago.

  34. Thanks, Ilana! The article is indeed very useful!

    I’d also mention BuzzBundle. It saves me much time and efforts and is definitely worth checking out.

  35. Hi Ilana,

    Nice work with the list!

    I’d like to suggest trying webfluenz as well – it has a free version that’s quite handy. http://bit.ly/1bPhUvz


    – Shobha, Research Analyst, Webfluenz

  36. Hi llana! Great article with a lot of free resources to monitoring social media. Did you try SocialwinApp? A tool to analize and monitoring social media in real time. With Free Facebook Engagement report! http://www.socialwinapp.com


  37. Hi Ilana, Thank for the comprehensive list of tools. This is Mrigank from the socialclout team. SocialClout is complete suite of tools that help Businesses to manage their social media marketing and monitoring initiatives. It Includes Monitoring, Listening, Engagement workflow, Social Media Analytics and Social Media lead generation and competitve analysis. I Would request you to visit http://www.socialclout.com to evaluate by trying out our 30 day free trial. Would appreciate your feedback.This tool would be a great asset to the marketing teams of small businesses because it is rich in feature and competitive in pricing.

  38. Thanks for the very comprehensive list. Would love to see the list of paid tools so that those who want make use of extended features will also be benefited

  39. Nice list Ilana. It would be great if you could add DrumUp (www.drumup.io). It is a content discovery tools and also does a great job of managing content on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

  40. That is a good list of free tools, I would like to see a list of paid tools and perhaps a listing of why they are better (or not.) Thanks!

  41. Hello,
    nice article but it should be updated. I’d like to suggest including Brand24 as well, quite an advanced and cost effective tool.

  42. There is another tools : ApiFlow (http://www.apiflow.net).
    With ApiFlow, you can easily develop workflow-based applications with no coding that use Social Media Apis (twitter, google, facebook…) and meet the exact needs of your business.

  43. Hi, Ilana …. a really useful post & a nice list… but have to inform you that you missed one of the greatest products for free media measurement http://www.viralnewschart.com … It gives special insights to social media managers, brand managers & media analytics. And it’s currently free.

  44. I am a user of Hootsuite and Klout. These tools are available to us for a reason. Most of them are free so why not use them?

  45. With the birth of social media comes some social media analytics tools as well. I use Facebook insights for all of my Facebook campaigns and it helped me track conversions.

  46. It would be awesome to see here Brand24.com which becomes a very popular tool! It’s nice, easy to use, and efficient solution for social listening. Recommend trying, you’ll love it 🙂

  47. Amazing list. I have used Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Facebook Insights. There are so many tools that I still have to go and try out.

  48. What a great post! This really helped me with improving my social media platforms. Looking forward to the next knowledgeable article. Keep up the great work!

  49. Very Helpful and Informative post.

  50. Elonna Anderson

    Just starting to learn about social media!

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