Amazon Introduces Kindle Paperwhite

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Amazon’s announcement Thursday is the latest in the escalating development of tech tools with intriguing business applications. Check out our coverage of the announcement, plus a rundown of some of the other tools out there and a look at how you can keep up in the ever-changing realm of technology.

New Tech Toys

Best ever. Amazon is calling the Kindle Paperwhite the most advanced e-reader ever constructed. The new top of the line model lets you do far more than just read an e-book. Features include WiFi 3G Wireless for only $179. Lighter versions are also available for $69 and $119.

Aiming at Apple. Though Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos didn’t mention one of his company’s arch rivals in the mobile device industry, it is clear that the Kindle Fire WiFi + 3G is aimed directly at Apple’s iPad. Though the two are not interchangeable, it’s clear the Kindle offers some features of interest to business users at a lower price. All Things Digital

Hold the phone. However competitive the new Kindle Fire might be as a lower cost tablet, it is likely Apple will stay ahead in the smartphone market, helping businesses stay in touch with team members, customers, and suppliers with its iPhone 5 likely to ship before the end of the month. An analyst estimates Apple could sell as many as 10 million of this newest of iPhones in the first week. Forbes

Better Business Tools

Showing hospitality. When it comes to using technology to drive better customer experience and sales, almost any industry could benefit. Take visitorM, a service that helps businesses in the hospitality industry manage customer information and content, customizing the look and feel of their apps while taking care of ongoing mobile development and support. Tweak Your Biz

Gaining user adoption. What can be said for customer relationship management software is true for almost any other technology you might use for your business. Gaining user adoption is the first and most important step. Without it, the best technology on the planet won’t do you any good. Resolv

The best in tech. With all the tech out there to help your business, it can be tough at times to keep up with the latest trends. Fortunately, many business technology blogs exist to keep you in the know about the most helpful tools for your business. Here is a list of some of the cutting edge business blogs you might want to check out. BuyerZone

Bring your own risk. The proliferation of devices has led many employees to prefer using their own tech instead of what is provided by employers. The trouble is, that doing company business on personal devices can lead to potential risks, especially when it comes to security issues and keeping your business data safe. Here are some tips to increase security with some simple BYOD policies. Noobpreneur

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  1. So the coming month would be dedicated to Amazon’s Paperwhite ?

    Thanks for putting this news out and I would like to read more about this gadget and how we can use it even more powerfully in comparison of the Apple’s ipad ?

  2. Is Amazon’s Paperwhite a tablet computer, not only an e-book reader?