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Commun.it: Build and Manage Customer Relationships on Twitter

Commun.it, a CRM service built for Twitter, launched this week to help businesses and marketers not only reach consumers, but build and manage relationships with them.

Instead of the stream-based Twitter dashboard all users see when they visit the site, Commun.it gives marketers and community managers the ability to build a more interactive and more in-depth look at their network.


The Commun.it [1] dashboard gives its users more than just a look at a timeline of tweets from those they follow, but it also gives them more insights into how many followers others in their network have and how many conversations they’ve engaged in with you.

It can also let you know if there are any conversations you have not yet replied to, so you can make sure to stay engaged with your best and most loyal customers and associates.

Tools like HootSuite [2] and TwitSpark [3] already offer services for Twitter users that allow them to manage their network, but Commun.it aims to be more focused on the relationship aspect of Twitter rather than just managing and scheduling tweets.

Management systems like this are also widely available for other social sites and platforms. But even though Commun.it may not be the first or most innovative new product, it can still be helpful for businesses looking to dive deeper into social media interactions with their customers and potential brand advocates.

Additional features include the ability to manage multiple Twitter profiles, invite employees and team members to manage accounts together, and even see a complete history of conversations and interactions between your account and other important users.

Users can enter hashtags, websites, and topics of conversation that are directly related to their business or industry and thus might help find new contacts or spur engagement with other users.

The service is free for businesses with one twitter profile, and plans including access to more accounts and services range from $9.99 per month to $199 per month.