Facebook Purchase of Instagram Finalized

Following an announcement back in April, the sale of photo sharing company Instagram to social networking giant Facebook has finally closed. Businesses have already discovered the benefits of using Instagram for marketing. Here are some details about the big sale, what happens next, and how others are already using the service as a powerful social networking tool.

Come Together

All in the family. Noises from the Facebook camp since the acquisition suggest a commitment by the larger company to develop Instagram independently and to continue serving its community. It remains to be seen whether users of the service will see any change with the new ownership. Facebook Newsroom

The latest milestone. The closing of the Instagram purchase happens just as the company reached its latest milestone of 5 billion photos shared. Though it cannot yet compete with Facebook’s astonishing 300 million photos uploaded daily, it still represents a popular channel through which entrepreneurs can communicate. The Next Web

The next chapter. The closing of the sale already has the tech universe speculating about what will happen next. Here’s what tech writer Josh Constine predicts. Instagram’s founding team will stay on for a while but are likely to drift away over time. Meanwhile, Facebook is expected to take on a bigger role in product development. TechCrunch

Taking Care of Business

Adding some flair. Instagram offers online entrepreneurs the opportunity to quickly create original images that tell a story about their business, product, or service. They can then add hashtags and keywords, and share the photos over numerous platforms from Facebook to WordPress. Social media writer Holli Friedland offers advice on how to use the tool to give your company an added oomph. Social Networking for Business Growth

Burnishing your brand. Entrepreneurs have started realizing how creating powerful images with Instagram can build a business brand. The possibilities are endless, claim bloggers Janette Speyer and Alison M. Brown who, in this post, also suggest plenty of examples for creative online business owners to take their brand to new levels with the photo sharing service. Web Success Team

Improving their image. Speaking of brands, some big ones are already using Instagram to boost their presence with photo sharing. Red Bull, Starbucks, Audi, and Nike are among big established companies that are already using the service in different ways to reach customers. Don’t let your business be left behind! Econsultancy

Getting into the act. And last but not least, some small business owners have started getting the idea too. In this post from the National Federation of Independent Business, three small business owners share how they used Instagram’s service to market their own companies. Have a look and see if any of their ideas resonate with you. NFIB

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  1. Images and Pictures can express al lot more than words can do. Pictures grab the attention of the user and helps in remembering the thing well. Instagram photo sharing has helped businesses to share with the public a bigger picture of what is happening around them thus making them join the wagon.

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