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Ileane Smith Argues That Content Isn’t King

If you’re like me, you’re getting tired of hearing “content is king” everywhere you go. Ileane Smith, founder of Basic Blog Tips, goes as far as saying that content, in fact, isn’t king:
Ileane Smith

“For me, what’s more important are the connections and the relationships you can build through your blog. Those connections will lead to collaborations and eventually help you build the skill set, along with the confidence you need to succeed.”

So while having a blog is becoming increasingly important, Smith (@ileane [1]) says it’s more about having the right strategy for how a business will use a blog to market itself. She founded Basic Blog Tips to provide actionable advice on how to use blogs and social media as marketing tools. Her tutorials and forums provide tips to all levels of bloggers and social media users, and cover everything from creating a successful WordPress site to the benefits of sites like StumbleUpon.

Born Out of Necessity

When Smith began blogging in 2009 (at her daughter’s urging), she was frustrated to find so few genuinely useful resources to help her make the most of her blogging efforts. So, like any smart entrepreneur, she decided to fill the gap herself by starting Basic Blog Tips. Smith provides most of the content on the site, but does have guest contributors pitch in as well.

And while the primary focus of the community was initially blogging, as social media rose in popularity, Smith began offering more tutorials and blog posts to help small business owners navigate the worlds of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and more.  Smith practices what she preaches about social media, with active profiles on all the major sites. She recognizes the importance of maintaining profiles on multiple social sites, though she does have her favorites:

“Twitter will always be my first love when it comes to social media because it’s fast and easy to master, but I’ll admit I spend way more time on Facebook these days than I care to admit. And I’m seeing a nice increase in traffic and engagement from Facebook that goes a lot deeper than what I can achieve on Twitter.”

Simply Being There Isn’t Enough

In addition to participating as a Media Partner in the 2012 Small Business Influencer Awards, Smith received an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Small Business Awards, and Basic Blog Tips was chosen as a Community Choice Honoree. It’s clear she practices what she preaches: that simply being online isn’t enough. You have to get involved in the community.

Through Basic Blog Tips, Smith works to help businesses align their marketing goals and strategies when using social media and blogs. Because, after all, some businesses expect overnight success with these tools, and that’s simply not how they work.

“I started Basic Blog Tips two years ago to help people build better blogs and learn to use social media the right way. Entrepreneurs are starting to realize that having a blog and an online presence is an important component to the success of their business and my blog provides tips and strategies that help put them on the right path.”

Editor’s Note: This article is one of a series of interviews of key players in the Small Business Influencer Awards.