ioSafe Gives Businesses Control of Their Data

With so many concerns about the security of information stored in the cloud, it could be beneficial for small businesses to look into alternative types of storage. But since so many business professionals use a variety of different devices to access work data, traditional storage methods may be far less convenient for everyday use.

Enter ioSafe, which has just introduced a new private cloud storage solution that aims to allow companies to access their data on a cloud-like network, while maintaining complete ownership and control over everything stored on the network.

The ioSafe N2 is said to be a disaster-proof network attached storage (NAS) that allows users to access their data from almost any internet connected device. The ioSafe offers a different pricing structure, starting at $599.99, and some different options that may be beneficial for certain types of businesses, depending on their needs.

Says ioSafe CEO, Robb Moore:

“Running some tasks for a small business on the public cloud can make total sense. For instance, outsourcing your Exchange Server to the cloud in the form of SAAS is well worth the $5 or $10 per month per user for any business under 50 users. Online storage is a different animal. For 20-30 GB in a small company, it can make sense. As the data scales to terabytes and beyond, costs and problems grow quickly.”

The new ioSafe N2 will be partially funded via a campaign on Indiegogo starting September 18, 2012.  The company plans to start shipping the new product in January. Founded in 2005, ioSafe is a small, 25 person company that also offers a number of other hardware devices for individuals and businesses.

Overall, this type of product can allow business owners to take complete control over their data. Even for those who use the public cloud to store and share data with their employees, a backup system that protects from both physical damage and cyber attacks could mean more secure data for your company.

Moore says:

“How much time or energy do you think a billion dollar company will spend on getting your data back if you’re a $20 per month account?  They probably care more about the $20 per month and the threat of a bad review than about your actual data. Do they feel your pain when you lose your photo album or business – no. Keep at least one copy of your data local and don’t rely on anyone else but yourself to protect it.”

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