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iPhone MillionaireI know that video is HOT, HOT, HOT but I don’t do it. I have my reasons.  The fact that I don’t like how I look and sound on video is just one. But an even BIGGER reason is that I simply don’t know how to shoot and edit video.

I even got myself a Mac because I thought it would be easier and I could create higher quality videos and edit them myself — but that hasn’t worked out so well. At least not yet.

But this past week, I received a review copy of iPhone Millionaire: How to Create and Sell Cutting Edge Video by Michael Rosenblum (@Rosenblumtv) and I have to say that I’m feeling encouraged.

This is a small book that will easily fit into your carrying case or purse and it’s fun and entertaining enough to read so that you’ll get through it fairly quickly and may not have to carry it around so much. But I’d say you’ll want to keep it close at hand and review some of the concepts as you go about the process of learning what makes great video and how you can create killer videos all by yourself.

As the DIYMarketer — this is something that is extremely appealing to me.

Oh, and I don’t want to forget the other appealing promise that I found on the cover of the book, “6 Weeks to Change Your Life With the World’s Greatest Gatchet.” So what he’s promising me is that within six weeks I’m going to be a video shooting and editing fool — sign me up!

Rosenblum Will Crack You Up

In some ways, Michael Rosenblum is like a lot of us that grew up in the television generation. You know who you are. You’re the ones that spent hours and hours in front of the TV watching everything under the sun. I know I did.

In fact, I can remember my mom and dad leaving me alone for a couple of hours and saying, “Don’t turn on the TV!” and my sitting up close to one of those cabinet TV’s with the door open and my hand right on the power button; ready to shut it off at the sound of them coming up the walk to open the door.

But what sets Roesenblum apart from the rest of us TV addicts, is that he turned his TV watching experience into a career. He’s the founder of the New York Video School and has been a professional television producer. Michael has a real commitment to teaching people how to make video and TV on their own. In fact, he’s trained over 30,000 people to date. So there’s hope for all of us video-phobes yet.

You Have the Technology and You Can Learn the Skills

Rosenblum is clear about the fact that many of us have a block around creating our own videos. We’ve deluded ourselves into thinking that we’re not good enough and don’t have the equipment or skills to pull it off.

He spends a couple of chapters convincing and showing you that even the basic smartphone camera is more advanced than the million-dollar set ups they used to create and produce many of our favorite shows. Besides — today’s consumer is more interested in authenticity and clarity of message than how polished, artistic and professional your video looks. (Whew – I’m relieved!)

Some Tips From the Book That You Can Start Using Right Now

I had one of those “whack on the side of the head” moments when I read some of these tips:

Take the time to scope out the scene. Rosenblum tells the story of master videographer, Mario Biasetti, who took more time to scope out the scene and plan the shots than he did actually shooting. He would look and scope and plan and finally, after what seems like hours he would shoot — for less than a minute. The end result was a series of so many perfect shots that Rosenblum had a tough time choosing which ones to use.

Over and over again, Rosenblum makes the point that you only have a minute to tell your story and communicate.  That means that you will have to cut and edit over 90% of what you’ve filmed. So this first step is getting a lay of the land and identifying just those elements that will forward your cause.

Don’t move the camera! This tip simply blew me away. I learned that it’s the movement of what the camera captures that should be the star of your video — not the camera movement.

A great video starts with only five shots. This was another transformational moment for me. You always only need five shots. Learn these five shots and Rosenblum says you’ll create better videos than the pros:

  1. A close up of hands.
  2. A close up of the face.
  3. A wide shot of the person or action.
  4. An over the shoulder shot.
  5. A side shot.

iPhone Millionaire is a Must Have for the Do-it-Yourselfer

After reading this book, I’m not sure if video will become my favorite medium but I can say that, in just a short read-through of this book, I’ve already become a far better and smarter producer and consumer of video content.

If you create videos for blogs or web sites, your readers will appreciate, watch and share your content. Even if the only video you shoot is on family vacation or your kids performances, you’ll want to read and work through this book. Believe me your audiences will thank you.

Anita Campbell, Founder of Small Business Trends and host of The Small Business Trends Radio Show, recently interviewed Michael on the radio show.  You can listen to that interview in “Use Your Smartphone to Become an iPhone Millionaire.”

I didn’t write too much about the possibility of selling your video, that is covered in the book. But I think that small business owners are more interested in creating video that sells products and services. If that sounds like you — then iPhone Millionaire should be your next business book read.

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  1. Ivana, this was a delight to read. I, too, have started and stopped in my efforts to use video for marketing. I know its one of the best tools out there, yet I procrastinate on getting more videos done for some of the reasons you share. This book looks like a must-read. Thanks for your review.

  2. Ivana: I listened to Anita Campbell’s interview with Michael Rosenblum some time ago and said to myself: this book I have to get. Your review have reinforced my buying decision! 🙂

    I will use it as a intellectual fuel for my new site for audio visual content.