Launch Your Small Business Like The iPhone 5

You know who knows how to bring the hype and launch a product? Yep, you guessed it. Apple. Apple just recently launched their newest smartphone to rule them all called the iPhone 5.

Like most big Apple launches (iPad, Macs, iPod, etc…) they know that if you just do one thing, you can get everybody talking about it. And that one thing is…

Be Awesome!


It’s no coincidence that Apple’s stock jumps up and down during and before a big product launch. When they launch a new product, the world reacts. Fans clamor over how soon they can get their hands on it. Tech sites scramble to for the early scoops and instant updates on features. It’s a big deal.

But it’s only a big deal because the product is good; more than good.

Case in point, you can go ahead and try to launch anything, but if it’s not worth talking about; if it’s not amazing… then well, nobody’s going to talk about it. It’s like the people who still send out press releases announcing their CEO is speaking at an event in Idaho. Big whoop. Nobody cares about that. It’s a complete waste of time. It’s not news.

To do a launch correctly you have to make sure you have something worth talking about.  And that’s the hard part. What’s worth talking about at your business?

Remember, your audience isn’t everybody, it is probably more like the people in your industry. You don’t have to impress the world like Apple does. You just have to impress your target market.

So again, what’s new and amazing with your business? Don’t know? Can’t think of anything?

Then it’s time to start thinking about how to cook something up. What does you product or service do that nobody else can? There has got to be something unique about your business that your competitors can’t do? This is called your unique value proposition (UVP). Figure out what this is and say it loudly, otherwise, why will your customers choose you over your competitors?

Once you have your UVP figured out, you can begin to start thinking about how to leverage a launch of your product/service. Think of a launch like a Hollywood movie trailer. They put out a teaser video enticing us about something that is coming. Then, when the movie is released, we all go running to the theater to see it, thus creating a large opening weekend profit number which pretty much defines the success of a movie nowadays.

Plan your big launch day a few weeks or a few months out and tease your customers with your big news. Create videos and podcasts around the launch and release them on YouTube and your blog or website. Leak out small bits of information ahead of time for the media to grab on to. Build hype!

Then, on your launch day, hold a launch event like Apple does. No, you don’t have to invite 50,000 people. You could do the entire event virtually through a live webinar, or Google hangout. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Invite the media to join the launch and answer questions for them and your customers. Have fun with it! Make it an event that people want to be part of.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to be awesome.


Jim Kukral Jim Kukral is a professional speaker, blogger and Web business consultant who has helped small businesses and large companies like Fedex, Sherwin Williams, Ernst & Young and Progressive Auto Insurance understand how find success on the Web. His latest book is "Internet Marketing for Business Answers."

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  1. It sounds preposterously simple to be awesome, but it’s not. Sound advice, Jim!

  2. Apple is genius at marketing and advertising their products. They do have superior products and I see more and more businesses using Apple products. I like your advice about launching products, even if it is just virtual. Thanks.

  3. Product launches are great ways to test whether the things that you think are awesome are actually awesome in the eyes of your customers too!

    I like the tip on planning a launch months ahead and teasing your customers with bits and pieces of information relating to the launch. This will not only get them excited, but will also allow you to see what type of leaked information or teasers that your customers are interacting with and eagerly anticipating for.

  4. Jim: Awesome post! Sounds like the same wavelength as Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment. 🙂 He is a former Apple evangelist, right?