Microsoft Introduces New SkyDrive Android App

The Android app for Microsoft’s cloud storage service SkyDrive is now available for download in Google Play. The service is already available in app form for both iOS and Windows phone, and the new Android version offers many of the same features of those existing apps.

The main purpose of the app is to give users access to their files stored with the service from their mobile devices. Users can view documents that others have shared with them, as well as their own recently used items. Users can also open files and upload files, including photos and videos, to the cloud from their phones.

In addition, the Android app allows users to create new folders, delete files, and share items with other users.

For business users who have Android devices, this new app will allow them access to their cloud-stored files from anywhere. Since more and more companies are using cloud storage, and Microsoft is a major player in the industry, this new offering is sure to impact many business owners and professionals.

SkyDrive received a complete re-design earlier this month to make it fit with the new Windows 8 user interface. This redesign came with a couple of new features, including drag and drop organization, instant search, a contextual toolbar, and more.

Microsoft has also made some other big changes recently, such as the rebranding of Hotmail to Outlook, in order to make all of its products consistent.

It may seem odd to some that Microsoft would create apps for its competing devices and operating systems, but it seems the company wants to make it as easy as possibly for more consumers to use the service, especially with such big name competitors as Apple iCloud and Google Drive.  Especially since Android is currently the most popular smartphone operating system, it makes sense that Microsoft would make a SkyDrive app available on this platform.

Microsoft says that the app works best with Android 4.0, but users of any device with Android 2.3 and above are able to run the SkyDrive for Android app.

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