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Poor Man’s Lead Scoring Tricks

Lead scoring.  It’s the kind of term that sends shudders down the non-technical, non-business school types.  Algorithms, graphs, and money – lots of money spent – may start to run through your head.  And, in order to get peace once more you convince yourself, “I know who my leads are.”  False.

Unless you possess some mind-reading elixir (if so, please email me about this), you can’t magically know who your leads are.  But, don’t be discouraged!  You don’t have to be an MBA nerd like me to do some basic lead scoring.

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Today, I’d like to cover some poor man’s lead scoring tricks that I’ve learned along the way.  These tips and tricks can apply to just about any business, and won’t cost you a dime.

Tracking Traffic

First things first.  In order to score leads, you have to know who they are.  I recommend using Google Analytics [1], by far the most comprehensive and thorough analytics program that is completely free.  (However, there are free versions of some other top-notch services out there.)

Google Analytics can tell you everything.  Who’s coming to your website, their location, what pages they’re landing on, how long they spend there, the paths they take through your website, etc.  There’s very little you can’t find out from Google Analytics.  If you aren’t running this (or some other paid analytics program), insert the code now.

Developing Your System

While big business lead scoring can get super detailed, the truth is, you can come up with a lead scoring system of your own that does the trick.  Figure out a points system that works for your team.

Maybe all of your website visitors get five points.  For each minute or set of thirty seconds they spend on the landing page, maybe they get five more points.  Then, perhaps they get ten points for looking at two product pages.

You get the idea.  I don’t know your business, so I can’t come up with the scoring system for you.  But, the point is to just start.  Your lead scoring approach won’t be perfect when you first start out, and that’s okay.  However, once you get the ball rolling, you’ll soon begin to figure out what elements of your scoring system help you accurately consider your leads, and what parts are not working.

Look for Trends

Once you have a system going, it’s time to start looking for trends.  Do you have an anomalous amount of traffic from southern Illinois?  If so, create PPC ads that target that region.  Maybe one landing page on your site accounts for 80% of your site’s traffic.  If so, put in the work to make that page really shine.

Perhaps there’s a sharp tail-off in on-site time when customers get to your fourth product page.  Maybe you need some kind of pop up offer on that page.

Looking for these trends can be fun and exciting, but you have to start monitoring your traffic first.  However, once you get this part down pat, you’ll be ready to start scoring and nurturing your leads!

What are some free or cheap lead scoring tactics you are using?

Poor Businessman [2] Photo via Shutterstock