QuickBooks Online Goes Global

Accounting software for small businesses has traditionally been focused on all things local – local tax laws, local taxes, local accounting standards, and more. That’s why it can be difficult for many small businesses to go global or cross over borders, especially without taking the time to grow first.

However, small businesses received some good news this week when Intuit announced its new version of QuickBooks Online that is now available to businesses around the globe.

QuickBooks Online

This change means that small multinational businesses or businesses operating outside the U.S. can use the software to create localized invoices, pay bills, and track expenses based on standards from wherever the business is located. Users can personalize currency and formatting according to their country’s standards. The program can also help businesses process taxes, sales, and more.

This could mean big things for small businesses around the globe. Previously, features of QuickBooks and similar programs weren’t available to businesses headquartered outside the U.S. or a select few other countries. The new global version eliminates many of the borders and hoops that these small businesses had to jump through in order to become multinational or operate in other countries.

The program, which has already been used by businesses in over 130 countries since its beta launch in July, is also customized for local impact. This means that not only can users customize settings like languages, but they can also input specific cultural information so that they can get the most out of the program and make it meet the specific needs of their business’s home base.

The program maintains all the QuickBooks Online features that thousands of businesses already use, such as centralized forms, expense and income tracking, reporting tools, cloud usability, and more.

There are three different versions of the software available, including QuickBooks Simple Start, QuickBooks Essentials, and QuickBooks Plus. Costs start at $15 per month, and vary based on which features are needed.

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