Turn Visitors Into Buyers: Benefits of Retargeting

When you browse the Internet, you probably notice very personalized banner ads following you around. Often, when you visit a particular company site but don’t purchase, that site will drop a cookie so the company may then serve you relevant ads to bring you back. This is a form of online advertising called retargeting, behavioral retargeting or remarketing.


Retargeting has proven to be a highly effective way to convert customers. Consider how distracted we are as we do online research or purchasing. Phone calls, emails, or chat windows regularly interrupt me, for example. These interruptions result in my abandoning a shopping cart or forgetting what I was doing entirely.

Retargeting is rapidly become an integral part of online marketing and advertising for one simple reason — it works.

You can effectively capture those visitors who have already expressed interest in your products or services and never completed a purchase. As consumers, we are going to be served ads no matter what, so why not have those ads be for the things we are interested in?

Below, I’ve listed a quick look at some of the best (and more affordable) retargeting companies that can help you get your campaigns started.

Retargeting Companies

Google Remarketing:  Built into your existing Adwords account, Google makes it easy to begin remarketing on the Google Display Network, with very flexible pricing.

AdRoll:  Set up a campaign in minutes and gain access to prime online real estate with AdRoll. They’ve been around since 2007 and they know what they’re doing.

ReTargeter:  ReTargeter offers a comprehensive starter package for just $500. Known for their stellar customer service, you even get a dedicated account manager working to make sure all of your needs are met.

Fetchback:  Fetchback offers a full product suite to make sure your campaign is set up in the way that is most effective for your business.

One Tip

Don’t overdo it.  Make sure you limit the number of times you serve ads to the same people so as to not scare away someone who could become a very loyal customer.

You don’t want to be the creepy company that doesn’t appear to value privacy because it follows its customers all across the Internet.

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Ilana Bercovitz Ilana Bercovitz is a social media and marketing professional at ReTargeter, a full-service display advertising solution specializing in retargeting. Ilana has served as a featured contributor and online content editor for CloudShare, Dream of a Nation and many others.

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  1. This is a hugely successful channel for many of my paid search clients. Great point on setting impression limits.

    • Thanks for reading. I just wanted to give a brief overview for those people who don’t know about or have yet to try retargeting.

  2. Maybe it could help also when you give something free to the customer to build value from this there you can set up an autoresponder to do follow up for other offers you have.

    • I definitely think a loss leader can be the way to go in many situations. For many products a customer can’t understand the value until they use them. Thanks for reading and for the tip.