Twitter Move Impacts LinkedIn and Facebook

File this one away under the heading of unintended consequences. A decision by Twitter to discontinue an agreement that allowed Twitter users to share tweets automatically through their LinkedIn news feed has ended up benefiting its two chief social networking rivals. With the big three social utilities–LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter–also serving as important marketing and communications tools for small businesses, it remains to be seen how the change will affect business user strategies.

Social Shift

Hot off the press. The immediate winner in the Twitter/LinkedIn split seems to be LinkedIn, because many who once automatically shared tweets on both platforms have now chosen to share content on LinkedIn only. Sharing content on both platforms now takes an extra step that users apparently feel is too much of a hassle. Venture Beat

LinkedIn to Facebook. The real surprise, however, came when stats showed that another well-known social media network has benefited significantly from the dissolved relationship between LinkedIn and Twitter. Stats for July, the month after Twitter ceased allowing users to sync tweets with their LinkedIn accounts, showed Facebook received a 1000 percent jump in LinkedIn referral traffic. HubSpot Blog

Tweet no more. But wait. Before you decide to abandon Twitter for another social media platform for your business communications and marketing, it might be wise to look at some recent research comparing how users interact with brands on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Across the board, surveys showed Twitter users are more likely to purchase from, recommend, and visit the Websites of brands they follow than those following brands on Facebook.

Tools and Techniques

LinkedIn’s new look. LinkedIn has become an even better place to raise brand awareness for your business, thanks to improved company pages and better mobile access. Join Certified Internet Marketing Specialist and Certified Social Media Specialist Denisse Marie on this general walk through of the new features and how your business can benefit from them. If LinkedIn wasn’t the place you thought about first for maximizing your online business presence, this article might just change your mind.

On autopilot. There are several tools that allow you to automate at least some of your activity when marketing and communicating through social media channels. Regardless of controversy over how much social media engagement should be automated, productivity is the main objective. Here social media consultant Jose Jimenez gives an overview of one of the more popular tools and looks at its pros and cons. The Digital Post

Early Projections

The social economy. A new economy based on social technologies will change business practices in more areas than just communications and marketing. Blogger John Twohig predicts that these technologies will save businesses trillions of dollars in the future, from co-creating products to deriving customer insights. Tweak Your Biz

The social business. Transforming your company for social business isn’t easy. In fact, blogger and entrepreneur Joey Strawn compares it to training for an endurance run. There will be plenty of scars and some soreness in your organization when it is over, but your company will be the better for it. Emerging social media platforms and tools are one part of this development. Now it’s time to create a business that can take advantage of them. Social CRM Insider

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  1. I miss the opportunity to share my tweets on LinkedIn, but instead I am sharing more links to blog posts on LinkedIn. I have received nice feedback on this activity.

    • I was really surprised and disappointed that Twitter made ,what I consider to be, the big mistake of disallowing Tweets to be shared on the LinkedIn wall and other sites. The result of this was that I and millions of others, is that I no longer use Twitter nearly as much as I once did, favoring instead LinkedIn’s own social sharing. It seems Twitter doesn’t understand its own product or its users’ intentions with its product nearly as well as I would expect them to, or nearly as well as they should.

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  4. Great info but it would seem you could avoid the twitter linkedin problem altogether by using a social media manager like hootsuite?