Updating Classic Business Solutions: Newism

New means new. It has to be something that has never existed before or something that has never existed in a specific market catering to a specific clientele — not before this moment.

old is new

In the July/August 2012 Trending Brief by TrendWatching, “newism” is highlighted as the latest shopper desire. In fact, TrendWatching refers to it as the “consumers lust after the new” and these desires are fed by the awareness that:

“The entire world, from emerging to mature economies, is now creating new products, services and experiences on a daily, if not hourly basis.”

Something new happens everyday.

But Does Your Product Have To Be New? 

I mean new-new, in order to keep and gain clients?  No. It doesn’t.

According to TrendWatching, there are 6 forces behind newism, but what stands out to me is my gnawing need to be relevant (and I represent a market of people who feel as I do).

I mean, down to the core, I want to know that what I buy is what I need, that the experiences that I’m going after is what I truly want, and that I don’t waste time or energy on things that fail to maintain value. There’s a group of us that are looking for a classic benefit for ourselves and our businesses.

I see newism like a certain woman’s closet. She has the latest in there, and you will find some breath-taking pieces (some things you wish you had), but you’ll also find many unused items with year old price tags or items that were only worn once. And you know what she also has?

A little black dress.

There Is And Will Always Be A Market For The Classic Solution 

There are multiple ways to update a classic — to make it fresh. Take marketing for example.  It’s still the same old thing in terms of a name that means something, brand recognition, relevant tagline, bite-sized mission statements — but there are new ways to get that message out. You can use email marketing (which in terms of the Internet is a classic option, even if it is new to you). But you can also tweet your message and mass text it to your subscribers. You can even pin it.

The delivery methods continue to innovate; and you may finally add a social media strategy to your business. But the fact that all effective marketing begins with a core message that says something that matters to a specific market is classic — and there’s still a audience for that. As TrendWatching states at the bottom of their brief:

“There will still be endless value in heritage brands, known to deliver constant, trusted quality and provenance.”

In other words, if you have:

  1. a product or service that keeps it’s promises,
  2. a marketing story that connects,
  3. a system for beneficial and consistent updates.

There’s room for you to stay and room for you to grow your market (as long as you respect the fact that classic doesn’t mean lazy or rundown).

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Jamillah Warner Jamillah Warner (Ms.J), a poet with a passion for business, is a Georgia-based writer and speaker and the Marketing Coordinator at Nobuko Solutions. She also provides marketing and communication quick tips in her getCLEAR! MicroNewsletter.

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