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I love words and language, I have been writing and reading since I was 10 years old. Poetry, lyrics, essays, reports, articles, presentations, a book, eBook, blogging – you get the idea.  Words have always had great power to change things for the good and their meaning can impact others greatly.

magic words

Words describe our personality, spirit, soul, personal brand and what we stand for. How we present ourselves, treat others and how others describe us is crucial to happiness and success.

Here are 5 descriptive words that can make a big difference not only in our lives, but in the lives of others:


By definition: having or showing pleasant, good-natured personal qualities, friendly, agreeable, willing to accept the wishes, decisions, or suggestions of another or others.

This quality lends itself so well to networking, cooperation, team spirit and collaboration. It is one of the four drivers of customer personality styles.


By definition: having or showing courage and determination in the face of difficulties or challenge.

There are so many examples of public and private people showing “pluck”, courage and determination through challenge. Here are 10 revolutionary acts of courage by ordinary people, who stepped up in an extraordinary way.


By definition: incapable of being expressed or described in words.

This is how we serve people. Random acts of kindness can and do change people’s lives and have such impact that they are indescribable in words. Imagine doing something that elicits this emotion? It happens everyday and RAK is now a worldwide trend that was documented by TrendWatching.


By definition: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident, good fortune.

The more good energy and intentions we all put into the universe the more it comes back to us. The real key is that we are paying attention to all the things that are put in our path. That random conversation in line, returning that lost wallet or meeting someone at an event we weren’t going to go to all can be serendipitous. These encounters happen daily and are meant to happen.


By definition: generous in forgiving an insult or injury, free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness.

We seem to collect and harbor these emotions and they become more of a burden than anything else. The ability to let go, release and move on frees us to greater opportunities for doing, accepting and noticing good.

The prolific Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best:

“The magnanimous know very well that they who give time, or money, or shelter, to the stranger—so it be done for love, and not for ostentation—do, as it were, put God under obligation to them, so perfect are the compensations of the universe.”

What words change things for you?

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Deborah Shane Deborah Shane has been recognized as a Top 100 Small Business Champion and Top 50 SMB Influencer (Dunn and Bradstreet 2015). She is a career transition author, personal branding and social media specialist. Deborah's book "Career Transition: Make the Shift" is available through all major book sellers.

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  1. As a practitioner of PPC I see this all the time. A word like “deserve” can add emotion to an otherwise drab ad on a search engine page because it has an inherent emotion. I’m also currently seeing great results with using the work “perfect” in ad copy because it promotes an ideal that people are seeking.

  2. Robert, interesting take on this via the PPC/SEO world. Using words that are deals that people are seeking, makes sense for increasing clicks. Those ideals can also increase a persons brand and impact on others. Thanks!

  3. Correction..Ideals people are seeking!

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