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5 Ways To Use Marketing Videos On Your Site

I’m guessing you’ve heard about the power of video to your marketing efforts, right? For example, did you know [1] that including video on website landing pages makes them 53 percent more likely to show up on the first page of Google? Or that a customer who watches videos of products/services is 85 percent more likely to make a purchase? Yeah. Those are all true.

As marketers, we hear these stats and they make an impact. Well, video makes the same impact to your customers.

If you’ve heard about the power of video but weren’t sure how to incorporate it into your small business, below are some ideas of where video can fit into your marketing mix.

1. To Simplify Concepts/Messaging

Whether you’re a technical company trying to simplify a product so normal users grasp it, or you want to break down a complicated concept to make a larger point, video can be your greatest ally. Video allows you to talk directly to your customers, while also visuals. As a result, it’s better suited for educating users and helping to spread your message.

For example, Stay Smart, Stay Healthy [2] is a new-media venture that aims to help people understand something that is far too complicated – the healthcare industry. How do they do it? Through whiteboard videos that make difficult concepts personable and show how they apply to our lives.

Here’s a video they did about how to get the most out of your health insurance. It currently has more than 145k views.


2. Your Brand Story

Social media has shown that users really do care about the story behind your company. We want to know more about the brands that we’re loyal to and we want to know more about the brands we’re considering being loyal to. Video helps to capture this.

For example, below is a video that my employer Overit [3] created to show people who we are as a company and the types of project Overit has worked on. It’s given us an asset we can use to let people in and see what we’re all about and what we do.

3. Product Videos

Product videos show people what it is they’re about to buy. It breaks that third wall and shows them a living, breathing representation of what could be theirs if they’d just hit the purchase button. This is incredibly powerful – regardless whether you’re selling a $500 technological gadget or just a pair of shoes.

For example, Zappos revealed a few years ago it was able to increase sales 6 to 30 percent [4] simply by adding videos to product pages. They didn’t change anything else. All they did was add videos. That’s powerful.

Zappos is so crazy about reviews they even encourage users to submit their own videos to share their Zappos experience [5].

4. Customer Testimonials

One area that’s seeing a lot of growth right now are customer videos. Many of the larger brands are now creating campaigns solely around building video testimonials. They understand that there’s nothing quite as powerful as hearing from a customer, in their own voice and environment, how a company has helped them to achieve a goal or even improved their quality of life. These videos often run between :15 (perfect for Web) and :60, and are a great asset on their own, or paired with other marketing material.

5. Screencasts

Screencasts give small business owners another powerful way to add video content to their websites in a way that is helpful and beneficial to their user. Screencast videos allow SMBs to walk customers through a specific process and show them what is happening (or what should be happening) on their computer during different stages of a task. Screencast videos are great for directing customers through sometimes-confusing tasks like setting up a new account, engaging with the community for the first time, or how to install a piece of software.

Above are just a few ways that marketers can take advantage of video on their website. The possibilities for using video to market your brand, stand out, and to show off what you have to offer are virtually endless. How have you been using video to market your company? Or, if you’ve been shy to, what’s been holding you back?