Brands and Advertisers Want Data. Tumblr Plans to Give It

Social media blogging site Tumblr just announced that advertisers and brands using the site will have access to a new third-party analytics dashboard, which can help users track overall engagement with other users over time, identify key influencers, and analyze posts and tags to learn what type of content most resonate with their network.


The site partnered with Union Metrics, which was founded in 2009 and until now was known mainly for its Twitter analytics product TweetReach, to allow brand to measure popular content trends and reach on the site. Tumblr named the company as a preferred third-party analytics provider. It didn’t indicate whether it plans to create its own analytics dashboard at some point or if other third-party providers will be given access to Tumblr’s data to create other analytics services in the future.

Though Tumblr may not be the most popular site for brands to promote their content, it can be quite useful for those that rely on visual media or even audio and video to reach consumers. Tumblr, which was founded in February 2007, currently has 54 million users, 76.5 million blogs and about 70 million posts per day.

Tumblr offers a couple of advertising products for brands, including Pinned Posts, which lets users pin a particular post to the top of their followers’ dashboards; Tumblr Spotlight, which features particular Tumblr blogs; and Tumblr Radar, which showcases a sample of interesting media each day including some from sponsors.

One thing that advertisers always want more of is data.  This new analytics dashboard, which is invite-only until November, will likely be welcomed by advertisers and brands.


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  1. I think it is becoming a need for social platforms like Tumblr and the rest to offer analytics programs in order to get businesses to spend time and resources on them.