Bizelo: Customizable Apps Built for Small Businesses

Many small businesses use spreadsheets for everyday tasks like inventory management and accounting. Most know that this may not be the most efficient method, but software built specifically with these tasks in mind is often geared toward larger companies, and has the price tag to match.


That’s where Bizelo comes in. Bizelo is a startup that offers individual apps for different business functions. The company and its offerings were built specifically for small businesses, so the features are simple and minimal, and apps cost just $25 per month.

Said founder Ron Schmelzer:

“Most small business owners don’t want a thousand-dollar product with thousands of features, they want a simple product with three or four features that is priced appropriately.”

Currently, the company offers four different types of apps: inventory management, supply management, returns management, and accounting sync. But it has plans to add at least 12 more apps by early next year.

Said Schmelzer:

“Eventually we’d like to have a supply of hundreds of apps that small businesses can pick and choose from, but for now we’re starting with a few simple ones that we think can benefit a lot of small companies.”

The apps “snap” together so that companies can keep all of their data in one place, but can customize the service to fit the needs of their industry without having to navigate around a bunch of unnecessary and unused features aimed at different types of businesses.

So for example, businesses that have an online store and a local storefront can use the inventory management app to sync and manage the inventory of both stores. But other businesses may just have an online store or multiple online stores, maybe on different platforms such as Ebay or Etsy. These different business models can all use the same app and just customize it to their own needs.

Schmelzer compared the concept behind Bizelo, which launched its first app in 2011, to that of Salesforce, but said the functions behind the two are completely different. Where Salesforce is often used for customer management tasks, Bizelo can provide a similar platform for the back office tasks like supply and inventory.

Though there are programs available for each of the functions of Bizelo’s apps, this concept allows for businesses to keep all or most of their data in one place. And once the company releases more apps, there could possibly be even more business functions that Bizelo can help companies manage.

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