Breadcrumb Joins Groupon, Offers Payment App for Hospitality Businesses

Groupon has acquired Breadcrumb to bring businesses an iPad-based mobile payment service. The point-of-sale system is aimed at local restaurants, bars, and similar small businesses, and can be used in place of a traditional cash register system.

Businesses can use the service to not only collect payments, but also to manage customers, take orders, and even analyze sales data. The app also includes support for traditional cash drawers, cash transactions, and receipt printers, so that businesses can remain flexible with what types of payments they can accept while still keeping all payment information in one place.

Groupon is going after some of the business Square and similar mobile payment providers have worked to cultivate through mobile apps, although the Breadcrumb system does provide some extra tools and features that can help businesses track their earnings and sales and learn more about their customers so they can make adjustments or improve practices in the future.

Though Breadcrumb has been an available option for businesses for nearly two years, this acquisition shows that more and more big names are taking an interest in mobile payment systems. And since Breadcrumb is geared specifically toward one industry, it’s possible that we’ll start seeing more apps with in-depth features that cater to businesses in different industries.

Breadcrumb was founded in by Seth Harris in 2010 in order to help hospitality businesses cut costs and better manage sales and other data. The service will continue to serve its new and existing business customers without interruption after joining Groupon. As for any changes in the system, Groupon stated in a blog post that Groupon merchant partners using Breadcrumb’s point of sale system will have an easy process for redeeming Groupons.

Groupon first tested the Breadcrumb system with select businesses in New York City. It is now offered to businesses nationwide for $99 per month. There are also larger plans available for businesses that need to use more than one iPad. The service includes tech support and no contract, as well as an on-site demo and training for businesses in New York City and San Francisco.

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