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  1. After I read this article, I found the paperwork to file a DBA with my county recorder. I didn’t know this needed to be done. Thanks.

  2. I already have an LLC for my event planning company. I am looking to branch into other business ventures unrelated to event planning. I was reading the article “How To Set Up and Structure Multiple Businesses” and I believe that option 2 “Option 2: Create One Corporation/LLC and Have Multiple DBAs Under the Main Corp/LLC” might be best for me. However, does that mean I should create a new “parent company” and then make my existing company a DBA? Or should I change the name of my existing company to make it the “parent” and then make my existing and new company DBAs under that?

  3. I didn’t know that DBAs are official business filings that provide notice to the public of the true owner of a business. I guess that helps protect people from fraudulent fictional business based scams. DBAs sound really useful for maintaining brand recognition.