Google+ App Update Adds Support for Brand Pages

Google updated its Google+ mobile apps for iOS and Android devices this week, adding support for Google+ pages. So now business owners that promote their brands using Google+ can do so from their mobile devices.

The update allows page owners to manage their page, create new posts, and comment on other posts from their mobile devices, all features that were previously only available for Google+ personal accounts. Of course, Facebook has an app that allows page owners to manage their accounts, and Twitter can be used from nearly any mobile device. So this update from Google+ was definitely needed if the company wants its platform to be seen as a viable social media option for many businesses.

Aside from the ability to use Google+ pages, the new updates include a few additional features. For Android, the update features a new “find people” option, which lets users search for other people and topics on the site. The Android version also includes a new home screen widget and easier navigation for photos.

The iOS update gives users the option to edit posts and save photos to the phone’s camera roll. It also includes support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6, which comes much later than many other social apps, but is an important feature for many users nonetheless. The update also incorporates some new features and layouts for both Android and Apple tablets.

Since so many business owners are updating social media from their own devices, this change could allow Google+ to become a more integral part of social media strategies for some businesses that rely heavily on mobile devices. Though still not as popular as Facebook brand pages, this update at least adds some convenience for business owners who manage social media accounts. The updates are currently available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

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