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Google Releases New Site Full of Resources for Entrepreneurs

Google released [1] a new site recently aimed at helping entrepreneurs and small businesses. Google for Entrepreneurs [2] is basically a site that brings together all of Google’s programs and partnerships that could possibly benefit startups or entrepreneurs.

Under this umbrella are 50 different efforts in over 30 countries, including events in different cities around the world, local groups and programs, and online resources that can be used by small businesses anywhere. Some are products and services of Google itself and some are partnerships with other organizations and small businesses.

One of those partnerships is called Startup Weekend [3], a group that puts on events where participants spend all weekend working and building a startup and then launch a new company on Sunday night.

There’s also Women Entrepreneurs on the Web [4], a group that teaches women how to build, market and network their businesses and ideas. Another program is Campus London [5], a facility that gives local young entrepreneurs access to workspace, special events, mentorship and partners.

And aside from the many partner organizations Google has included in the site, there are also the more widely known Google products like AdWords, Google Docs and Google+ for Business.

Google has set up a Google+ page [6] so that entrepreneurs can share updates and keep up with the tools and events from the page. The company also announced the first annual Google for Entrepreneurs Week [7], which will consist of business events in 28 cities throughout 13 countries.

The site is free to use, and so are many of the resources found there. But this move isn’t without benefit for Google. Providing these resources to startups and entrepreneurs can help to ensure that those companies will continue to use Google’s products and services as they grow.

It can also help Google keep watch over up and coming small businesses that could become one of Google’s many acquisitions or partners in the future.