GraphDive Analyzes Social Data to Help Businesses Deliver Relevant Content

Online businesses are constantly looking for new ways to make content more personal and relevant to users in their target market. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter hold so much data about their users, but all of this data can seem overwhelming and nearly impossible to translate into anything useful for a business. This is the main issue that social data startup GraphDive plans to help businesses of all sizes attempt to solve. This week, the platform opened to users on an invite-only basis.

GraphDive specializes in giving online businesses actionable insights on users in their network with its Social API. Businesses in industries such as e-commerce, media, and travel can use the tool to learn about ranked user interests, demographic data, and personalized user recommendations.

“Businesses small and large have an urgent need to present their users with more relevant and personalized content and products. They want to make sure that every offer is tailored for the specific needs of each user. We help them achieve that pressing goal with GraphDive’s simple API that leverages Facebook Connect data and sifts through all the noise of your Facebook chatter to discover who each user really is,” said GraphDive CEO Shahram Seyedin-Noor. “This problem is even more acute for smaller businesses that lack the engineering resources of the big players.”

GraphDive, which was founded in 2011, has been developing its platform over the past two years to analyze and draw inferences from data found on a number of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. In addition to the platform opening for invited users this week, GraphDive also announced its receipt of $1 million in funding from Crosslink Capital, Correlation Ventures, and top angel investors.

There are other companies with solutions to help businesses decipher data about their social media networks, but GraphDive’s offering isn’t meant to just help a company learn about those who follow them on Twitter or Facebook. The technology utilizes Facebook Connect, so users of the website itself can login with their Facebook accounts. This means that the tool can learn about all users of the site and not just those who choose to connect with brands on social media. Those looking to use the platform can request an invite on GraphDive’s Website.

“Our focus has been on solving hard problems that deliver immense value to online businesses and their users through increased personalization and relevance,” said Seyedin-Noor.

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