KineticD Introduces Hybrid Cloud Support for VMware Virtualized Machines

TORONTO, Oct. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — KineticD™, known for its cloud backup and data recovery services for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced that its KineticCloud™ Backup for Servers product has been enhanced to protect VMware ESXi servers at the VM host level, providing fast, easy backups and restorations. It is now available in Beta for channel partners at no additional cost.

As more and more SMBs move to the cloud, many are looking at virtualization as a way to combine resources and reduce the costs of IT infrastructure. The VMware ESXi server allows customers to run multiple operating systems and/or machines from one physical server, saving hardware, data center space and resources. As a VMware Elite Partner, KineticD is able to deliver a cost-effective, smart, user-friendly way to safeguard virtualized machines, while providing greater flexibility and protection in the event of a disaster by allowing the user to keep local and remote copies of their machines.

“By integrating VMware into our product line, SMBs will be able to enjoy the same protection and assurance available to large enterprises,” said Jamie Brenzel, CEO of KineticD. “As the adoption of virtualization grows, it is imperative that we deliver the technology that allows our customers to keep pace with these changes. We are excited to provide a product that meets the needs for local, virtual and cloud backup.”

This true hybrid cloud solution ensures that if a machine does go down, it can be brought back up quickly, at the host level. By using the VMware Vstorage API, customers are able to back up data at the VM host level, simultaneously securing all or specific guest operating systems without causing downtime.

Key Facts:

  • Global Block-Level De-duplication and Incremental Backups: Using Vmware’s Vstorage API coupled with KineticDs block level deduplication, KineticD speeds up VMware backups and only sends incremental data changes and transfers blocks that haven’t been stored in the vault. Doing so eliminates unnecessary data at the source and leads to much faster backups that consume less storage, bandwidth, and time.
  • Agentless Deployment: Backups don’t require installing individual agents or plug-ins providing greater scalability and efficiency.
  • Granular Scheduling and Flexibility: Ability to schedule backups during off-peak times or at specific times during the day, reducing load on servers and bandwidth. Provides full and differential backups, using VMware’s changed blocks tracking feature.
  • Complete Protection: Settings of virtual machines (like hardware configurations), data stored on virtual disks (including all information on guest operating systems) and applications are always backed up.
  • Hybrid Cloud Protection: Access to off-line (local) and online (remote) versions of files provide ongoing availability to digital assets at all times

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About KineticD

KineticD™, an early pioneer of cloud backup technology, has set a new industry standard by providing small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) with the same level of security and protection that is available to large enterprises. KineticD’s patented KineticCloud™ Backup technology, known for its scalability, advanced data reduction capabilities and ease-of-use, has won prestigious industry awards and has been featured in many key industry publications. Founded in 2002, KineticD technologies and solutions are currently used daily by over 60,000 customers, 1,000 resellers, 100 MSPs and private label partners for online backup and recovery, archiving, disaster readiness, secure file sharing and remote access.  For a free trial or to request more information, visit


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