PEO Advantage Introduces Childcare Industry-Specific Program For Workers Compensation Insurance, Payroll And Human Resources

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — PEO Advantage is becoming a popular resource for the owners of childcare facilities, daycare centers and pre-schools through its program for workers compensation, payroll and human resources administration.

“Our programs for pre-schools and daycare facilities focus on providing turnkey solutions with minimal to no startup cost, flexible payroll, HR and benefits, cost effective pay as you go workers compensation insurance and aggressive risk management performed by PEOs who know the industry,” explains Ryan DeJong, COO, PEO Advantage. “Our clients within this industry employ 15-30 caretakers or teachers on average, but the business model doesn’t often afford for a full time office manager, HR director and/or payroll administrator; a PEO can perform all of these tasks much cheaper than the cost to staff those positions.”

Through a co-employment arrangement, the PEO and its client share employer responsibilities and liabilities.  As a result, the PEO client enjoys economies of scale otherwise not available in traditional markets.

PEO Advantage’s childcare industry program was founded due in part to the Company’s experience-based results with its established relationships including more than 100 regional and national PEOs, some of whom specialize in the childcare industry.

Brandon Aronson, Sales Associate at Kids Depot Realty, Inc., a Florida Company specializing in the sale, acquisition and exchange of childcare facilities, refers his facility-purchasing clients to PEO Advantage. “They are able to minimize out of pocket expenses for our clients and significantly minimize time and effort after closing in regards to setting up payroll, workers comp and administrative solutions,” states Aronson.

DeJong adds, “When a business owner is able to put employee management tasks aside, they’re able to focus on the services they perform best and grow their business in the process.”

PEO Advantage also recently introduced a 3-Part educational series ( for the owners of childcare businesses, which reviews workers compensation, payroll, and HR administration solutions.

For more information on PEO Advantage, visit or call 877-636-9525.

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Founded in 2002 by the Axis Group, PEO Advantage manages the entire PEO engagement process by reviewing quotes, ensuring requirements are met, and securing the best possible pricing.  With experienced insight into co-employment solutions, PEO Advantage has helped more than 2500 companies in selecting payroll, HR, workers compensation and benefits needs comprising more than $500M in annual payroll.

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