PlayAPI: Social Gaming that Promotes Products and Brands

Many brands work hard to gain a following on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But once you’ve gained the fans, how do you keep them engaged and interested in your brand? PlayAPI is a startup that aims to help businesses solve that very problem through its social gaming platform.

The idea behind the service is that it will help brands create simple games for their social network, keeping them entertained while also helping them learn about new products, promotions, and other company updates.

PlayAPI does this through a number of game templates, ranging from photo games to classics like Bingo and memory. Brands can even launch quizzes, voting brackets, or challenges for fans to take part in.

So for example, a fashion retailer could create a bracket using a list of potential new products, and then let their fans and customers vote on their favorite items. This tactic allows the company to choose a new product line with items it already knows to be popular, all the while keeping fans engaged and actually interested in the brand and its products.

Brands can cater these games and challenges to upcoming promotions or market initiatives, as well as their most valuable brand traits or products and the type of engagement from social media users that would best highlight these features. The service works with data from most major social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare, as well as native applications and mobile endpoints.

Social gaming as a whole has been gaining massive popularity, both through mobile apps and on social media sites like Facebook. So it only makes sense that brands would want to get in on the action, and make these games work for them. While some DIY tools for social gaming apps do exist, not many are geared specifically toward brands and promotions, especially those with compatibility on multiple platforms and pre-built templates for easier deployment.

The service is part of ALLDAYEVERYDAY, an integrated marketing communications and entertainment company based in New York.

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